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‘Cheap Fakes. 4YO. Looking for passionate, sweet and classy audience. Must be genuine. We are a brass funk six-piece that’s fuelled by a bluesy soul with a hint of rock. We are a much loved live band from South East Queensland’s music scene. You must be the same.’

With two well received albums to their credit (2010’s ‘Stones & Sticks’ and 2012’s ‘Hand Me Downs’) and a resume littered with countless national supports (including The Black Seeds and Kora) as well as local billing with Cody Chesnutt, Charles Bradley and Melbourne Ska Orchestra, Cheap Fakes are preparing themselves for the spring release of their third longplayer, ‘Modern Vintage’.

Recorded with Grammy nominated John Merchant (Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz and Bee Gees) Cheap Fakes brought the American producer out to Australia for the ‘Modern Vintage’ sessions at world class Heliport Studios during January 2014 following a hugely successful crowd funding campaign.

As the autumn winds chill you can expect to find Cheap Fakes at any number of live venues as they road test the new material and build momentum ahead of a spring release of ‘Modern Vintage’. And with the band having already graced the stages of Valley Fiesta, Big Pineapple Music Festival, Island Vibe, Surfers Paradise Festival and Golden Days, next summer looks like reaping a bumper crop for the dapper dressed lads who currently call Brisbane home.



Coming to the stage next was Brisbane’s super funky, mouth wateringly groovy, ultra classy Cheap Fakes, who would ultimately come out to be the high light of the show. All it took was the synchronized melody of a couple of horns, the gradual build up of some super stylized drums and the skanking reggae fuelled guitar riffs within the bands first minute to understand what Cheap Fakes are all about: Playing the funkiest music in Brisbane and doing a damn fine job of it.

Cheap Fakes were one of those rare occasions, those unique performances where even if the band were playing a terrible genre of music you’re still suspended in awe because of the sheer talent with which they play. Fortunately though, Cheap Fakes play an excellent genre of music with a profound and utterly obsessive devotion to professionalism and getting the audience shaking their tail feathers. They were exemplary, the sort of band you might not go out of your way to see but are a tremendously pleasant surprise. Cheap Fakes in their own right were a funk band pure and simple who adhered to the same qualities that made the genres legends – Average White Band, James Brown, Kool and The Gang et cetera – so successful. Their music struck a perfect synchronized balance and with crystal delivery Cheap Fakes painted a permanent smile on the face of an entire audience. What made Cheap Fakes distinctive though were subtle touches and incorporations of other genres with the occasional surf rock inspired riff or reggae drum beat. The beauty was that it worked; these little tweaks didn’t disrupt the overall funk feel of their sound and instead complimented the music being played.

Cheap Fakes set the bar high for headlining Cody ChesnuTT. The band from set beginnings to finales knew exactly what they were doing, what they wanted to achieve and how to do it and performing their super fun and super engrossing funk inspired sound Cheap Fakes defined themselves as one of the best live acts seen this year.

Zac Murray, AAA Backstage (Cody Chesnutt Support | The HiFi, Brisbane | 20 October 2013)


Cheap Fakes are a band that professional musos would cream over. Technically brilliant, this five-piece had a real sexy swagger – all Zoot-suited and Converse-footed. For a warm-up act, they transformed a rather lukewarm audience into a bubbling sauce-pot of a crowd. Their set was masterful, possessing dynamically intrinsic song structures, danceable drum beats and punchy bass lines. Trumpeter Scotty Bignell brought effortlessly energetic solos and Joshua Appleby pulled the saxophone with some guttural growls, upping the bright, piercing clarity. Vocalist Hayden Andrews has a lovely voice full of warmth and clarity, while bassist James Watson could not stop from jumping. You can’t help but grin from ear to ear. Cheap Fakes know how to bring the funk.

Patrick Weyland-Smith, Tone Deaf (The Black Seeds Support | The Metro, Sydney | 16 June 2012)




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Cheap Fakes - The Making Of 'Modern Vintage' (Jan 2014)

Cheap Fakes - Sand On The Beach - Official Video (Jul 2012)

Cheap Fakes - All I Know - Official Video (Jul 2011)

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FRI 9 January | THE CITY SOUNDS QUEEN STREET MALL | Brisbane | 5pm

SUN 25 January | CAFE LE MONDE | Noosa | 4pm