Adelaide Singer/Songwriter Kylie Brice sounds like Missy Higgins meets Clare Bowditch. Having won a local song writing competition and recording time, she released her debut single “Journey to Myself” to a near capacity crowd at The Bluebee Room, Adelaide in September 2015.

“…Kylie Brice is a very good performer and the journey to herself has a fine soundtrack.” – Music SA

Born with a deep love of music, Kylie would sing with joy as a child. As she grew into her teenage years, Kylie began feeling insecure about her voice and was hesitant to openly share her thoughts and emotions with others. Behind closed doors; Kylie loved to write songs, a private escape to reflect on and digest life experiences.

In her early 20’s Kylie was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder and depression. A vital part of her ‘recovery’ was song writing.

“I had to relearn all of my thought habits, and was overwhelmed by it all – so I would write songs late at night, when I couldn’t sleep because my head was full of anxious thoughts and I didn’t know what else to do with them! I didn’t often share these songs, as I purely wrote them for my own therapy.”

Kylie soon married and started a family. A few years into motherhood, Kylie began feeling burnt out and empty.

“I struggled because I am a dedicated mum, and I love being a mum – but I felt I had lost myself and didn’t know what was missing. I ended up writing a song to try and figure it all out (“Recharge”) – and realised that what was missing was my music.”

Now embracing what is unique about her, Kylie is on a mission to share her message of hope through music and receiving a warm welcome from listeners, young and old.

“Kylie has the ability to silence a room with her stage presence inviting her audience to take notice.” – This is Our Sound, WOWfm

Kylie has an important message to share with others – she is passionate about helping people to know they are unique and valuable - and they can overcome their own obstacles and still have enough overflowing for others.

Kylie officially launched her debut EP "Broken and Beautiful" February 2016 to a full house at the Salisbury Institute, during the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

"Kylie has a wonderful ability to express in words and music what many of us have experienced, or are indeed going through.. ..Clever lyrics, lovely musical arrangements, the combination of strings and guitar and the clarity of Kylie's vocals are enough to make this EP potentially a commercial success" - RISE vibes

"The EP is an easy listen with a slow building, relatable narrative that forms a connection with the listener in a short space of time. Kylie gives a transparent and deeply personal insight into her struggles. The honest storytelling throughout Broken and Beautiful adds a layer of admiration and inspiration to these songs." - The Upside News




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Kylie Brice LIVE at Semaphore Music Festival

Broken and Beautiful EP Launch

Kylie Brice Trio - Journey To Myself [Official Music Video]

Kylie Brice Trio - Song for the Weary. Live at the Adelaide College of the Arts

Kylie Brice Trio - Fly with Me. Live at the Austral, Adelaide.


"Most Popular Pop Artist" Nominee for SA Music Awards 2016

"Recharge" Finalist for SCALA FOOM 2015

"Journey To Myself" Winner for PromSong 2014

September 5th, 2015 - Capacity at Bluebee Room, Adelaide for Single Launch

February 26th, 2016 - Capacity at Salisbury Institute, Adelaide for EP Launch

Performed at Australia Day Council event at Carisbrooke Park to 6,000+

Performed at UnitingWomen National Conference to 500+


Supports :

Rachael Leahcar (The Voice) at Adelaide Fringe Festival 2016

Josh Cashman (Melbourne) at Chai Time, August 2016



Adelaide Fringe Festival 2015 & 2016

Summer Jam Alt Pop Festival - Jan 2016

Umbrella Winter City Sounds Festival - July 2016

Snow Jam Alt Pop Festival - Aug 2016

Thrive Festival - Aug 2016

Salisbury Writers Festival (Workshop) - Aug 2016

Semaphore Music Festival - Oct 2016


Listen to and/or Buy "Broken and Beautiful" EP Here: