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"THAT 80's synth! This is the perfect track to get your groove on." Claire Mooney (Triple J) (In the course of Time single review)

"Hope you guys like Omega 3 and fatty acids because you've got yourself a tuna! 4/5." Alex Dyson (Escape single review)

"What can only be described as an infectious mix of rock and dance. Like a cross between Radiohead and a rave." Amnplify Magazine (Live review)

"Cool track. I like the Ou Est Les Swimming Pool vibes here, making me wanna dance yo". Kyran Wheatley (Triple J)

"A sound that is colourful, diverse, and as striking as the South Coast. Can't wait to see these guys live". John De Bellis (973 Coast FM Mandurah)

"when I listened to the first few bars of “Escape”, I was hooked!" Elke Nominikat (Glamglare)




Electro rockers Like A Thief bring you their surprisingly fresh yet comfortably familiar brand of dance pop. With two solid EPs under their belt and a heavily anticipated third EP due out in May, 2017 will be an epic launch pad for this high-energy three piece.


‘Their sound can only be described as an infectious mix of rock and dance. Like a cross between Radiohead and a rave’ (amnplify magazine, live review), with the combination of classic pop/rock, 70s funk and modern electronica all blended with smooth flowing melodies and synth lines that guarantee you’ll be humming for days to come.

Aaron Crosby, Caleb Drage and Jonathan Hennig have been playing together in bands since high school before officially forming Like A Thief in mid 2013. Having landed support slots with bands such as: Switchfoot, Karnivool, British India, North East Party House and Tired Lion the future looks bright for this hardworking three piece.

The boys who still reside in their hometown, a sleepy coastal city called Albany in South Coast WA continue to play and tour up and down the South West coast, performing some of the regions best venues. Persisting to carve out an irresistibly appealing live show for patrons and winning new fans with every gig while proceeding to refine what they do both live and in the studio.

With extensive plans in the near futrue including film clips, a live album, a headline West Coast tour, an East Coast tour and a full length LP to name a few, the numbers are adding up causing many people to sense Like A Thief are undoubtedly one to watch.





Like a Thief will carry you through several genres and emotional states in a show, with a sound that's both unique to anything I've heard in recent times yet at the same time comfortably familiar. With a massive live sound, an incredibly solid bass and rythem section and hooky synth lines and melodies for days, I'm refreshingly suprised at what this three-piece band can do.

Ben Mckernan (Live Review)


"Play Loud is the second EP to be birthed from the loins of the talented trio Like A Thief. Hailing from Albany in Western Australia, this funk-rock / dance-pop three-piece have pulled together a second offering that is robust yet brief.

Who knew that three short tracks could effectively showcase the skill that such a group have to offer the world? The vocals throughout are absolutely beautiful, even when the Australian accent shines through and slightly distorts the words. If anything it lends more charm to the lyricism, combined with sweet percussion, uplifting rhythms and masterfully mixed genres.

‘Escape’ is basically an anthemic dance tune with a nurturing soul. The lyrics contain a bit of a mixed message between “get out, get out of my head” and “I just want to hold onto you tonight.” This seems like the internal monologue for any normal human being who’s ever been in love, wrapped up in a pretty package. ‘Sirens’ has a similar theme about love/lust and communication, with easily relatable lyrics like “It started with a whisper, it’s growing to an ocean roar”.

From beginning to end, the track ‘Discord’ is much gentler, creating an overall softer ambiance. However, it still manages to thrust you into the EP’s on going theme’s. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along; “I’m falling deeper…in”!

The strength of this three track EP is truly admirable, each song has its own distinct identity, yet they melt together splendidly. Play Loud feels like just enough, although it may leave you a tad bit unsatisfied due to its length. All in all, it’s a fantastic EP that will leave you wanting more.  4/5" Jessica Flynn (Vulture Hound Magazine. UK) (EP Review)




SAT, APRIL 8th - Albany Beach Party (Youth Festival)

FRI, APRIL 21st - Hen House Live (Perth)

FRI, MAY 19th - Prince of Wales (Bunbury)

FRI, MAY 26th - Amplifier Bar (Perth)

FRI, July 7th - Settlers Tavern (Margaret River)









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Like a Thief - In the Course of Time (Official Video)

Like A Thief - Escape (Official Video)

Like A Thief - The Empire





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