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350,000 connections for revolutionary music app

VAMPR, the groundbreaking app for music professionals seeking global contacts, has surged past 350,000 connections in just 12 months.

The LA-based start-up announced the phenomenal growth benchmark as it continues to expand and diversify industry categories and music genres on its iOS and Android platforms.

The multi-award-winning app has created a new virtual meeting place for musicians, producers, arrangers, videographers, venue owners, music teachers, film music supervisors and much more. Tens of thousands of once isolated individuals are making global strides with the swipe of a finger.

“The impact of Vampr has already exceeded our expectations,” says co-founder Josh Simons. “Our dream was to lower the barriers of entry into the music industry, help people find their tribes and fast-track their careers. We're seeing it come true every day, all over the world, and we've only just started.”

Vampr is an ingeniously designed social platform for musicians and related professionals to showcase their talents and locate like-minded players. Seamless integration with YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter puts a showreel, database and audition facility in the palm of your hand.

Kanye West’s Grammy-winning producer / engineer Anthony Kilhoffer says, “with Vampr I can quickly flick through and discover the next generation of songwriters and producers, and filter by location. It wasn’t this easy before.”

TuneCore’s Kevin Cornell highlights the proactive opportunities for musicians. “In an industry that’s all about making connections, with Vampr, your next musical collaboration could actually be a swipe away.”

UK-born Simons has the business of music in his blood. His grandfather ran Universal Music, signing household names including Tom Jones. Josh’s own indie-pop project, Buchanan, has released two studio albums and clocked over one million Spotify streams.

Australian musician, producer and technological entrepreneur Baz Palmer is the other half of Vampr’s founding team. Best known as guitarist with iconic rock band Hunters & Collectors, his other app successes include live music portal SoundHalo and social video start-up, Kombie.

Vampr users in 140 countries include A&R executives on both sides of the Atlantic, established hit songwriters, video directors and venue operators — and of course, the resource they’re all looking for: the bedroom musicians who comprise the next wave of world-conquering talent.

From hard rock to classical, lifelong studio professionals to untapped singer-songwriter talent, Vampr is joining simple dots in a once impenetrable universe.

Silver Medalist, App Idea Awards 2017

Top 3 Finalist Innovator Xchange Awards, G'Day USA 2017
Winner Judges Award and Audience Choice Award, Digital LA pre-GRAMMY Startup Pitch 2017

Winner of Audience Choice Award, Silicon Beach Fest 2016

Vampr is available as a free download for iOS and Android devices at





Co-Founder & CEO | Josh Simons | US/UK |
Co-Founder | Baz Palmer | Australia/US |


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In a few swipes, the app helps musicians discover, connect, and collaborate with other musicians and people in the music industry… No matter how fragmented distribution channels are, people will always rely on collaborating with other people—from marketing, cover art, sound mixing, to production

- Tech in Asia, 23 August 2017

Vampr is all about the simple joy of playing music with people. It’s as much a social network as it is a music app

- Reverb, Jay Laughton, 8 June 2017

Need a guitarist to help you finish off your new track? It’ll help you find someone who’s keen to jump on board... while the app can also be used for other purposes like linking up with graphic designers for an album cover

- Tone Deaf, Brandon John, 26 May 2017

Vampr gives user-friendly support for all those songwriters, indie musicians, DJs, rappers, folk artists, who are struggling to connect and break into the necessary circles they need to… Yes, there are other music social networking apps but the proof is in the pudding. Well, it’s in the app

- Huffington Post, Ashley Jude Collie, 3 May 2017

Key Australian tech business... [with] a strong focus on music and the music industry

- APRA AMCOS, 26 April 2017

Many popular platforms are constrained by the early 2000s model of boring design, drop-down menus and other stagnant user-interfaces... Melbourne-based startup Vampr has taken inspiration from the contemporary dating app model to develop an app that allows musicians to more easily connect with each other

- Startup Daily, James Ward, 1 February 2017

Barry Palmer [Hunters and Collectors] guitarist, has launched a musicians' collaboration app called Vampr with Josh Simons of Melbourne rock group Buchanan, with seed funding from the seemingly unlikely source of Wang Chung bassist Nick Feldman

- Financial Review, Michael Bailey, 13 December 2016

The app has already been making waves in the US, where it picked up the audience choice award at Silicon Beach Fest 2016

- Herald Sun, 4 October 2016

A social networking application to connect musicians for work and social purposes

- The Daily Telegraph, Jonathon Moran, 4 October 2016

What if connecting with musicians and music industry executives was only one swipe away? With Los Angeles based startup app Vampr, it is

- LATF USA, Kevin Clobes, 2 August 2016

From Craigslist flakes to finding out your new guitarist friend hates the genre of music you play, it’s about time independent artists had pocket-based access to a new world of potential musical matches

- TuneCore, Kevin Cornell, 9 June 2016

An iPhone app for musicians to make fast and fruitful connections with like-minded collaborators

- The Age, Michael Dwyer, 20 May 2016