“This guy is SIC!” Ash Grunwald

“AKoVA’s welcoming vibe has a worthy place at summery festival gatherings universally. He’s a natural showman. Any act to get people dancing like no-ones watching is always welcome in this crazy world.” Forte Magazine

"Every once in a blue moon, an artist comes along that projects their heart on a screen, for us to watch their story like a film with their music as the soundtrack. Donovan. Bob Dylan. John Lennon. These are artists that have influenced others in such a deep way, they’ve been known to change lives. Hailing from the Gold Coast of the land down under, AKoVA has brought us his heartfelt story in the form of his new single, “Headlights” - Scope Magazine

"We're excited to hear more from AKoVA in the future." - NeuFutur Magazine

“He doesn’t quite sound or feel like anybody else. I was sincerely blown away. I really wanted to stand up and holler:               
 ‘Holy fuckin’ shit!’ while clapping and staring him down with savage intent. Instead I clapped politely and sat in my shell wondering how he knew that last song was exactly what I needed to hear. This man is brilliant and everyone should buy his album. That’s my review. Honestly. This guy is pure gold floating down the river - beautiful to thebeholder and just waiting to be plucked and shared.”

- Sacred Lab, Music Blog

“This one man roots machine is adventurous and playful. Bringing the party simply by seeing how much sound he can project.” Timeoff

“AKoVA’s an amazing performer. His music is not only original and fun it has real substance and meaning. I still can’t believe it’s just one guy playing all those instruments at the same time. What a showman.” Adam Iffland 92.5FM


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