Allara Briggs Pattison, is a Yorta Yorta woman who has an enchanting glow when she performs, always gracing the stage with a passionate grin from ear to ear. Her range of skills playing on both upright and standard bass compliment each other. Her ears have grown large from playing in a variety of different styles including neo-soul, jazz, country, folk and Irish Trad to name a few.

Allara’s approach to music is inspirational to other female musicians and Indigenous Australian’s. Finishing her Bachelor of Music Performance in 2016,  she kicked off a grand start to her music career accompanying Archie Roach, and the experianced band at the Sydney Opera House, at the time being the youngest on stage at 22 years old.

Since the beginging of 2018, Allara's has been working on a solo project. Equipped with a loop station, electric bass, double bass and bright spirit, she pulls bow across strings to resonate dark frequencies forming emotive compositions. With orchestral harmonies mixed with electronic beats and traditional clap sticks, her sound is unique. Inspired by hip hop, soul, blues and reggae Allara is developing a storytelling nature taking the listener on a journey reflected by her passion's while encouraging cultural, spiritual and environmental empowerment.

Hitting every note with confidence and conviction she leaves her audience feeling warm and fuzzy while taking their breath away.




Solo - Lose yourself in a swirl of sound as one woman creates a sweet tangle of electric bass, double bass and looped tones. All fused with her bright glowing spirt, Allara’s emotive compositions resonate with dark frequencies and soaring melodies. Orchestral bowed harmonies swell over electronic beats and traditional clap stick rhythms creating a truly unique sound.

Reflecting on a journey through her own deepest passions instrumentally and via her word smith skills and smooth earthy vocals this collision of hip hop, neo soul, blues, and reggae is an empowering thematic exploration of culture, spirituality, and the environment.

‘Hitting every note with confidence and conviction she leaves her audience feeling warm and fuzzy while taking their breath away.’ – Songlines

Full Band - Allara Briggs Pattison a composer and storyteller. Developing  long tracks wrapped in harmonic, bowed, bass harmonies and heavy rhythms, she has now gathered an ensemble of extremely skilled musicians who contribute a live spice to her usual solo performance style including a loop station. Allara’s drawn out style, often imitates the natural world and take the listener on a journey which reflect her passion's, encouraging cultural, spiritual and environmental empowerment.



Release scheduled for early 2019

We follow Melbourne based musician Allara, a young Yorta Yorta woman, on her journey to reconnect with her family and culture. Along her journey, Allara learns of her family’s ongoing fight for recognition as the Traditional Owners of southern New South Wales and northern Victoria. This is a story to inspire all, but in particular, to encourage and exhilarate younger generation Indigenous Australians to maintain and re-connect with their families and Country, encouraging a traditional flow of culture and history, and connection while sharing strength and weakness to heal from intergenerational trauma many Indigenous people feel, caused through colonisation. The documentary, Beautiful Sunshine, is appropriately titled after her Mum ‘Sue Briggs’ interpretation of Allara’s Aboriginal name.



Nancy Bates, and Allara have formed a collaborative duo 'Dhungala Baarka - Two Rivers, One Song'.  Having met as band members for Archie Roach in 2016,  they have fostered a unique musical relationship.  This innovative duo have arranged songs from Bates' new album 'For Your Love' to be released in 2018, to present what is undeniably, some of the most exquisite, and emotionally charged original songs in Australia today. Guitar, double bass, soulful vocals and gifted story-telling personifies this new duo, and is unlike anything being delivered nationally, or internationally. Through the development of contemporary music, by Australia's ‘First Women’, Bates and Briggs Pattison are the continuation of Ancient Songlines, connecting Yorta Yorta, and Barkindji. Archie Roach considers Nancy Bates to be amongst the finest of singer/songwriters in Australia today. Young Yorta-Yorta woman, Allara Briggs Pattison, is a rare entity within the Australian Music Industry. With a Bachelor of Music, graduating in 2015 (Bassist and Double Bassist), Allara is on the cusp of a brilliant career.



Robert K Champion moves audiences with his haunting guitar music and compelling stories of life, love and loss across the Australian landscape. Known as a deadly guitarist, in 2013 Robert released his EP, ‘This Road Is Too Long’. Allara and Robert have been great friends and musical mischievous since they met in 2016. Roberts long-awaited debut solo album ‘1977’ is due out 9th November 2018. Pre-order details on their way… See website below. You will be able to hear Allara's bass lines throughout this album too!




Hot off the back of 2015's 7" vinyl release 'Swells', Up Up Away have developed a sound that harnesses the rawness of 60s/70s funk and soul, along with silky smoothness of the modern soul era. The uniqueness of Up Up Away's music lies in its ability to be hard-hitting, whilst also remaining blissfully laid-back and dreamy, laden with kalaedoscopic layers and textures. Although no longer gigging you can still find the Up Up Away's music through bandcamp, youtube and facebook.



Not even in Ireland would you hear a sound as rich, full bodied and unique as Zeon. Like a fine Irish single malt, their liberated melodies were distilled in the streets of Ireland and matured in the laneways and bars of Melbourne, Australia.
The five piece, which fuses traditional and modern Irish tunes, with hints of folk, bluegrass and country, consist of: Zenita O’Neill on vocals, bodhrán and guitar; Tommy O’Neill on fiddle; James Wisely on guitar, vocals, mandolin and banjo; and the recent additions of Allara Briggs Pattison on double bass and Tyler Campbell on drums. (2015)
Although Allara is no longer performing with Zeon she still enjoys putting on their CD's or watching the fantastic film clips on youtube that they made during 2015. You can still hear Allara's bass lines throughout Zeon'z EP Drifer.




Representative | Allara Briggs Pattison | Melbourne, Australia |



Beautiful Sunshine Documentary Trailer

ALLARA - Rekindled Systems

Wala Is Life

Barmah - Music to accompany the documentary, Beautiful Sunshine

Beautiful Sunshine Preliminary Trailer

Up Up Away - Cruel Kind \\ Cuthbert Corner

Zeon - Villain of the Village