Awakening new chances, as the moonlight fades to sun...

"This record, if I'm to be honest", says keyboard player David Eaton of Anubis' long awaited third album, "is the record we'd have made back in 2006, if we'd been good enough". And let's face it, he should really know. It's been ten long years since the idea to write a concept album about a lost friend spurred him and vocalist Robert James Moulding into forming what would evolve into Anubis. "It was a horrible thing to happen, and that record was like therapy for us". Later joined by Steven Eaton on drums and Douglas Skene on guitar, the quartet was later augmented by bassist Nick Antoinette and guitarist and producer Dean Bennison.

"It really all came about in order to express a particular thing - 230503 - but then took on a life of it's own", says Moulding. It's true - 230503, a dark, brooding and quasi-theatrical work contained plenty of atmosphere and ambition, that was released for free on torrent sites, quickly found it's way out of Australia and into the unlikely home of hundreds of European iPods. "There's absolutely no way we ever expected that to happen" says David, "it just seemed to get heard by a few guys over there that really got into it, and they seemed to go into bat for it like mad".

At home, they scored another break by signing to Bird's Robe Records in order to release a second album, A Tower of Silence, that went on to sell even more copies and quickly became the band's signature. Even going as far as to be described by the notoriously prog-skeptical NME as a 'masterpiece'. "That one really seemed to develop a bit of a cult following, really" says Robert. "It did so much better than we could ever have expected". So much better, in fact, that a track from the album, The Holy Innocent was pulled from it and appeared on Prog Magazine's cover CD in 2012, and the band toured with fellow Australian Progressive group Unitopia. Indeed, at grassroots level, the album became a favourite of, and two years after release is still rated in the top 10 'neo-prog' albums of all time alongside much more notable acts such as Marillion, IQ and Arena. The band performed the whole album in sequence one last time in Sydney in November 2012 before parting ways with Nick Antoinette.

The third album, Hitchhiking to Byzantium is the first Anubis album not to have a plot or narrative. It's more of a thematic work, based on modern life. "It's about growing older and trying to do better at things", says guitarist Dean Bennison, "and about the excuses we make for ourselves, all the crutches and braces that we find for ourselves along the way, and how good and bad they are for us". "It's perhaps a little more esoteric than the last two albums", say guitarist Douglas Skene, "although I think at core they all touch upon the same theme - which is what is and isn't important to people in their lives". "You do still get the sense that it's someone" says drummer Steven Eaton, "Someone who is on a journey. And the hope is that when they get there, they're happy with what they've found".

However, the journey to find Byzantium hasn't been easy. Nearly three years, and a new line-up later, the band find themselves under pressure to deliver a record that matches up to the expectations left by it's predecessors. "We've had a lot of motivation because there is so much to live up to" says Moulding, candidly. But that pressure has already yielded rewards. Most importantly, the addition of new bassist Anthony Stewart. "Anton's just fantastic" says Dave, "and although he didn't arrive in time to play on this record, he knew exactly what did need to be done and has done it brilliantly, really adding to our chemistry". "He's just a phenomenal player" says Robert Moulding, who did play the bass on Byzantium, "absolutely, definitely the standout when it came to looking to people to work with".

Whilst it doesn't have the narrative cinematic approach, Hitchhiking to Byzantium does have an emotional punch quite unlike anything before on an Anubis record. "Whilst we hid all our very real emotions behind conceits before - haunted workhouses and lost friends - this record is about the things that happen every day" says David. "I feel that there's more of us in there - the hurdles that life throws at us and the only way to feel true inner peace - by examining the love around you. It's certainly an introspective record - but it's real life. It's about you, it's about me, it's about all of us. Hitchhiking to Byzantium. That journey is life."

Hitchhiking to Byzantium is out on Bird's Robe Records on 30th May 2014 (Australia), June 27th (Germany) & 5th August 2014 (international). The band will play the 'Prog the Castle' festival in Germany and tour Europe for the first time in May 2015.

Anubis are:

Robert James Moulding: Vocals, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Guitar
David Eaton: Keyboards, Guitars and Vocals
Douglas Skene: Electric Guitar and Acoustic and Vocals
Dean Bennison: Electric and Accoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar and Vocals
Anthony Stewart: Bass Guitars and Vocals
Steven Eaton: Drums, Percussion and Vocals
Martyn Cook: Saxophone, Flutes, Brass

Bird's Robe Records Press Release

Australian progressive rock outfit ANUBIS have announced the release of their third album Hitchhiking to Byzantium on May 30th in Australia & August 5th internationally.

The Sydney-based symphonic prog exponents have enjoyed success overseas thanks to the impeccably crafted 230503 (2009) and A Tower of Silence (2011) finding critical acclaim across Europe.

Self-produced and recorded with guitarist Dean Bennison at Razorback Music Studios in Sydney’s south-west, HTB is a step up in musicianship and production for the band’s energetic take on modern prog rock.

Dynamic, cinematic and varied, the lead singles from the album Dead Trees and A King With No Crown have already picked up airplay across Australia and throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

The band has gained a keen following worldwide since the release of their acclaimed debut 230503 and the follow up A Tower Of Silence. 230503 featured in year-end Top 10 lists for a series of international media including ProgArchives and was voted album of the Week by MusicWaves (France). memorably stated ‘…albums like this make you believe in the future of prog-rock.’

A Tower Of Silence resonated particularly well with the band’s fan base overseas – just 3 weeks after its release, the album topped the sales charts of German independent distributor Just For Kicks Music, selling hundreds of copies in a matter of days.

Hitchhiking to Byzantium is out May 30th (Australia) & August 5th (international) through Bird’s Robe Records.

230503 and A Tower Of Silence are out now through Bird’s Robe Records

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