What, how, where & who

We are a music company for artists, providing global management, funding, publishing and consulting services for a selection of international music writers, performers and entertainers. We are dedicated to protecting their creative independence and their long term sustainability. We currently work with:

Nano Stern (Chile)
Blue King Brown (AU/JAM)
Lior (Australia)
Yeshe & Kurai (AU/ZIM/CA)
Matija Solce (Slovenia)

Brian Dubb, the founder, managed his first international band in high school, when he was the Australian territory manager for the ground breaking genre bending band, Tananas (South Africa). After that he moved to London to write lyrics and front a hard rock band, before recording a solo album in home and mobile studios in Australia, Southern Africa, UK, Middle East & Latin America.

We welcome contact from artists. Please email links to wherever we can hear and see your music on-line, as well as your phone number. We’ll always get back to you, sometimes immediately and other times it can take a short while.

If you’d like to work with us, you’ll need respect for yourself and the artists we work with. And you’ll need eyes in the back of your head. Email us to say hello. It’s not essential to send a cv. Just tell us briefly why you want to work with us.





Founder | Brian Dubb | International | brian at bdubb dot com