Bec Gollan is considered one of Adelaide's most loved Indigenous acts. Her captivating voice is made up of a thousand colors with unique smoky textures that Bec's audiences love and adore.

Her lyrics are described as all Heart and soul with story's addressing her love for family and life that is said to touch all her listener's hearts.  Bec's songs are clearly messages of empowerment and strength which most can relate to and her music FOLK/POP with a taste of COUNTRY!

Bec's musical journey began at 11yrs when she became Bass Guitarist to her Fathers Country music band. Over the years she has moved from regular Bass guitarist to singer/songwriter, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist at the front of her own trio.

Previous achievements : Touring across Australia to various Country music festivals as Bass guitarist to ACES WILD; 1st recording of her song 'Daddy' at CAAMA radio at 15yrs of age, just after her Father passed away; 2011 APRA professional development award finalist; Encouragement award - SCALA FOOM competition. 2012 saw one of Bec's original songs hit the USA via college radio and cafe's in L.A.  Most recently Bec has been recieving great recognition and mentoring opportunities for her songwriting and hard work by gaining a spot in the "Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander artist development program", provided by NEXUS Multicultural Arts, Adelaide SA. In April 2015, Bec was also chosen by CAAMA Music, NT to be one of eight Indigenous female songwriters from Australia to be involved in the ALUKURA project. This included recording a single (to be on CAAMAs upcoming compilation cd), mentoring with the StiffGins (NSW) and much more...

Looking foward, Bec is planning on a new EP to be recorded and Interstate touring.  Bec says "My music from the self titled EP (Bec Gollan Band) which was released in 2014 has been receiving airplay Australia wide, so I think it's time to get our group to do some live performances outside of our own state.

Most recent and regular gigs include: Naidoc and Reconiliation events; Local festivals - FRINGE, FEAST, Spirit fest and Semaphore. SA back up choir for ARCHIE ROACH's 'Into the bloodstream tour' 2013. With more regular gigs around Adelaide Bec continues to perform with her current TRIO and/or as SOLO or DUO acts.

If you haven't yet heard the BEC GOLLAN BAND EP, get onto it - it is a must!




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Heart of Stone - Bec Gollan (Original)