"They remind me of us in early days when I see them playing live and giving it their all. They’re really cool guys and great players – definitely one to watch." - Ryan O'Keeffe, Airbourne

"Black Aces is like getting a new vintage AC/DC in 2017! And there ain't nothing wrong with that!... My new turn to album. Anywhere But Here" - Dee Snider, Twisted Sister

Formed in early 2007 in rural Australian town Bendigo by singer-guitarist Tyler Kinder, Black Aces set about forming a set of songs influenced by the greats of Aussie rock; AC/DC, Rose Tattoo, The Angels and Cold Chisel.

Spending their early years cutting their teeth on local stages, Black Aces finally landed on the rock solid line up of Pete McMillan on drums, Alex McMillan on bass and Jazz Morrice on rhythm guitar.

After developing a strong live following across their homeland and sharing stages with the likes of Cosmic Psychos, Angry Anderson, Dallas Crane, and The Casanovas, Black Aces released their debut album ‘Shot In The Dark’ in early 2016 and took their live show all the way to Europe and the UK.

Through sheer hard work the album broke into the top 20 of the iTunes Australia rock charts, and the band ended a bumper year with a show stealing performance at Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales, alongside such heavyweights as Molly Hatchet, Living Color and Ratt- and earnt themselves a call back to the main stage in 2017.

After signing a worldwide deal with UK label Off Yer Rocka, Black Aces launched their new record ‘Anywhere But Here’ in late 2017. Written in a Bendigo garage, and recorded with legendary Aussie producer Mark Opitz (AC/DC, INXS, Cold Chisel, Kiss) and Colin Wynne (Bad//Dreems),  ‘Anywhere But Here’ delivers on the promise of their debut- a diverse, driving rock record by a band determined to show the world how they play rock n’ roll.

After touring the UK in November to celebrate the release of their new album, the hard working Black Aces made it 3 tours in 18 months, stepping up to the plate as special guests for The Quireboys 2018 UK Tour winning new fans, rave reviews and making fans of The Quireboys themselves.

Needless to say, the band plans to once again take it right up to the big boys.
With a must see live show, and their new album in tow, the future looks bright for the lads from Bendigo.

”AC/DC can call it a day, because here the Black Aces perform much more smoky beer & football rock’n’roll than what the phenomenal pioneers themselves have mustered in the last 20 years. Loud, cocky and with respect for their predecessors.” - Rockfarbror

"For those of you that feel a bit extra for the classic Australian pub rock, ”Anywhere But Here” is the best
buy of the year." - Artrock (Sweden)

"Some bands are retro-built, like a 2013 Mustang dressed up to look like a 69 Boss 302 (ahem, Jet). Sure, that’s cool for novelty and a momentary nod to the past but these guys are that 69 Boss 302... Black Aces are a perfect musical time machine who somehow manage to own their inspired sound." - D L Bugeja, WICKEDD CHILDD

“And so begins a ten song onslaught of pure balls to the wall rockn’roll. It's only 7.30pm but the place is heaving … the Borderline was rocking. I've never seen so many heads nodding.” -

"They burst onto the stage, no set list, no decorum and just went straight for the jugular and within minutes the whole venue was grinning from ear to ear and singing along…This show had everything, brilliant songs, massive amounts of energy, broken guitars…” -

"Every riff hits like a hammer, every solo is perfect. In fact, I would like to go out on a limb and say that this is
the record I’ve been waiting for since "The Razors Edge". Wait?! What’s he writing? You heard me. This is the
album that AC/DC hasn’t made for the last 25 years, and then some." - Den Melodiösa Bloggen on 'Anywhere But Here'

"Black Aces passion for what they do comes across in their sound. Each song has an infectious beat, blended with a powerhouse of a voice, that will knock you out. If back to basics Rock is your thing, then get yourself "Shot In The Dark" as they could well take up the mantale where others have all by the wayside" - Paul Sabin, Powerplay Magazine UK

"Lead singer Tyler Kinder rips a fair old hole in the speakers with his howl, backed up on choruses such as 'Girl Like You' and the title track by the gang-chant backing vocal we know and love. Most importantly, it's all shot through with a vintage, low-slung, heavy blues groove that's all too absent in a lot of 21st-century heavy rock" - Classc Rock Magazine

"Rumour has it that they once rocked a venue so hard, the venue had to close its doors and reopen as an antique/craft coffee house, knowing that no man, woman, band or beast could ever rock as hard again" - Forte Magazine

" fuck it rocks! And that my friend is what will save us from growing beards and becoming hipsters. God bless the denim-clad fellows from BLACK ACES and all who sail with them..." - Mark Rockpit, The RockPit

"No ballads, no compromise... what more could you ask for?" -

It's Rock N' Roll not rocket science and the Black Aces do it extremely well” - Brian Basher, Hard Rock Nights

“Black Aces are a band that always delivers the goods... A unique powerhouse of a band, forging their own electrifying take on no frills, high energy rock & roll.” - Mick Griffin, Rock Bottom Radio

“What is that in Australia they are able to lay " tip top Rock'n'Roll " groups in spades ? Because it is simple , it spoken of here , BLACK ACES is in the top of the basket Rock n 'Roll binary , simple, effective , powerful , intoxicating ...” -

"... A sledghammer!" - WICKEDD CHILD

“If you look up “high energy” in the pictionary I’m pretty sure there’s a photo of frontman Tyler stomping about the stage…a well received exhibition of shameless arse kissing. Black Aces… go see them if you get the chance and let the good times roll.” -

"It’s rock and roll played the way Aussies do, simple and as infectious as one of the many nasty bastard insects that inhabit the outback” -




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