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Emerging triumphant from 2016 as Brisbane's best blend of massive soul-soaked, brass-fuelled pop, funk, and ska, Cheap Fakes are ready to keep bringing their unique and energetic music to masses of listeners and live audiences worldwide. The free-wheeling, six-headed hydra of Cheap Fakes is a ready-made party absolutely primed to provide the best of times.

Born in 2009 from a dream to bring a new and unique sound to the Brisbane masses, Cheap Fakes have since sculpted an ever-growing fan base from their extensive touring and ever-evolving discography. Never keen to languish in the still waters of comfort, Cheap Fakes have pushed out and taken chances on all three of their major releases: 2010’s Stone’s & Sticks, 2013’s Hand Me Down’s and 2015’s Modern Vintage.

“It helps to be surrounded by friends you know and trust to challenge and enjoy playing music with,” says Hayden Andrews. “All of us bring in differing influences and musical backgrounds that really allow us to branch out into some unexpected directions – we have a policy of trying out every idea before saying ‘no’ to anything.”

Taking notes from their work with Grammy-nominated producer John Merchant (Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Mika) on 2015’s Modern Vintage, Cheap Fakes are currently busy cooking up their finest work for the release of their fourth album, due in November 2017.

“Working with John was unbelievable – he was amazing bringing the best out of us, musically. We’ve taken a lot of what we’ve learned and experimented with it a bit, though…the new album is going to be a lot more layered and refined album, with more than a few tricks up our sleeve,” says Andrews.

Despite the excellent reception of the recorded material, Cheap Fakes have been a long-shining light on the live scene. Whether supporting such titans as Cody Chesnutt, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, or The Black Seeds, establishing themselves as a festival favourite from sweltering sets at Woodford Folk Festival, Big Pineapple Festival, Valley Fiesta, or Caloundra Music Festival (to name but a few) or their own electrifying headline tour in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and beyond, Cheap Fakes have confidently entrenched themselves as a welcome fixture of Australia’s live music landscape.

As 2017 rolls out, Cheap Fakes are preparing to bring great music and good vibes directly to your ears with brand new tracks in what is going to be their biggest year yet.

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Cheap Fakes - Baby It's A Good Song (Official Video)

Cheap Fakes - Just In Case - Official Video (Mar 2015)

Cheap Fakes - The Making Of 'Modern Vintage' (Jan 2014)

Cheap Fakes - Sand On The Beach - Official Video (Jul 2012)

Cheap Fakes - All I Know - Official Video (Jul 2011)

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