Declan Kelly was born in Sydney Australia to an Irish father and a Maori mother. Having 2 strong ancestral ties made it no wonder that creativity and music was running through his blood. His mother Salley, a singer, also exposed Declan to the life of a musician and instruments from an early age, where he took to the drums and guitar, with singing to come later in his life.

During his high school years, Kelly grew up in Sydney’s Balmain, where live music was abundant and a thriving scene made this village alive and a great place to grow up for a budding musician. Here he met Alex Lloyd and other musicians to form his first band 'The Beefs' which went on to play in bars (whilst under age) and win a number of band competitions. They had a uniqueness of playing Rhythm and Blues, which most teenagers at the time were unfamiliar with, while performing current music.

It was when Kelly finished school that he was headhunted by one of the hardest working Rhythm and Blues bands ‘The Bond Cigars’  and immediately began touring rigorously and honing his craft as a musician, and soon to be songwriter. He recorded an album with them before parting 4 years later in his early 20’s to form other bands and eventually write and record his own tunes.

Kelly learnt the craft of good song writing, recording authentically, the mastery of studio production, and the delivery of a rocking live show - fronted by himself, which led to his very own debut album 'Tales from the Neighbourhood' back in 2005.

Well known Triple J DJ, Andy Glitre saw great potential in Kelly and released 'Tales from the Neighbourhood' through his label, which received solid airplay through a changing format of radio and the streaming services. Kelly's live show was picked up by many festivals throughout Australia as he provided an authentic Roots flavour that was blossoming in Australia at this time. Kelly's love of roots reggae and Polynesian Harmony won the respect of many of his peers.

Kelly's second album ‘Adrift' saw his songwriting mature, to become deeply moving and personal. His production skills move up a few gears to produce an authentic quality album of well crafted songs. Two songs from this album, 'Far and Away’ and 'Hold the Light' were featured in the BBC series ‘Top of the Lake’, directed by Jane Campion.
The latest production from Kelly is a collaborative effort and an awareness and fundraising album called ‘Diesel n Dub’ with a collection of Reggae and Dub versions of Midnight Oil songs featuring a stellar cast including Katie Noonan, Alex Lloyd, Emma Donovan and Radical Son, to name a few. Proceeds of this album are donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. This dynamic show toured throughout Australia, ad featured at the Byron Bluesfest, and number of other festivals and venues over the following years.

Declan Kelly launched his long awaited album 'Views with a Room' at The Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville as one of the feature events of The 2019 Sydney Fringe Festival.

It’s easy to see why Declan Kelly is one of the most respected musicians in Australia. Ask any of his esteemed colleagues – Katie Noonan, Alex Lloyd, Emma Donovan, Bernard Fanning – they all share the same account. From his days as part of the hardest working band in the state The Bondi Cigars, Declan has taken that ethos along with his grace and class to leave his own mark on Australian music. 'Views With A Room' sees Declan searching for answers while offering encouragement and uplifting the listener – a testament to the man he is.

Filled with questions on masculinity, despondency, heartbreak and so much more, 'Views With A Room' is an album of self-reflection and shaping the narrative. Relating to those with real experiences of suicide, mental health issues and emotional isolation, Declan extends a hand to comfort those in distress while seeking solutions to his own troubles, ultimately finding answers in those closest to him. Delivering on the roots and pitch-perfect vocals we’re accustomed to – recorded in his studio appropriately called 'The Nest' – Declan has produced the perfect album for the world today.




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Declan Kelly | Carry Me (Official Video)

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