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11.03.2022 Port Fairy Folk Festival Port Fairy, Victoria, Australia
02.07.2022 The Retreat Melbourne
15.07.2022 Palais Hepburn Hepburn Springs
29.09.2022 NIghtfest Floriade Canberra
08.10.2022 Rockhampton River Festival Rockhampton
05.11.2022 Basin Music Festival The Basin, Melbourne, Australia
25.11.2022 The Northern Arts Hotel Castlemaine
09.12.2022 Bergy Seltzer Melbourne, Australia
15.12.2022 The Jazz Lab Melbourne
21.01.2023 Newstead Festival Newstead, Victoria
01.02.2023 Folk Alliance International Kansas City, Missouri
19.02.2023 St Kilda Festival Melbourne
23.02.2023 The Wesley Anne Ruth Hazleton Launch Northcote
07.04.2023 Northern Arts Hotel Castlemaine


Ernest Aines Reviews

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Ernest Aines Review Rigged Games 2022
Written by Rebecca Cullen


 Melbourne’s multi-award-winning artist Ernest Aines continues his climb within the thoughtful and passionate singer-songwriter realm, with the release of a heartbreakingly honest, musically sublime Rigged Games.

Featuring delicate, breathy and emotive vocals, alongside reverb-kissed acoustic finger-picking and live drums, the song builds up through near-falsetto verses towards the simple, satisfying short lines of a beautifully moody hook.

Mixed by Hugo Nicolson, known for his work on Radiohead’s In Rainbows, the set-up is naturally alluring blending aspects of alt-folk with a notably more mainstream core of melodic embrace and familiar sound-design. As such, the writing and Aines’ delivery of this is faultlessly presented, and captures the essence of heartbreak and confusion with piercingly genuine depth.

From creative verse references to the mighty resolve of a memorable hook, Rigged Games takes its place as one of the more timeless yet unorthodox depictions of love that the alt-folk arena has to offer. The post-six-minute piece even goes so far as to reinvent itself at the half-way mark, shifting towards breathy harmonies and a sleepy seductive progression, which suddenly balances beauty and loss with powerful poetic integrity.

This hauntingly blissful latter half is boldly hypnotic, and wraps up the artist’s encapsulation of the journey towards a broken heart with lasting impact.



   Sleeping bag Studios jer@SBS July 18, 2022
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Ernest Aines – “Yellowstone” – Single Review

"This is essentially crossover sound at its finest"

"Ernest draws out the imagery in his lyricism & words BRILLIANTLY" 

"uncanny ability to use melody in such an impressive mix of haunting intensity" 


Ernest Aines’ Rustic Beauty ‘Yellowstone’            
    " a skillful storyteller and guitarist with a soulful and organic Americana sound"

"The singer’s signature finger-picked guitar directs an organic ensemble of wood and strings"

"Ernest delivers a soulful ode to the land of the geysers"

Review Post to Wire Posted on July 13, 2022 by DOUBTFUL SOUNDS

"the song spreads its wings as a hypnotic blues and folk mantra, built on foot-stomping, heavily rhythmic percussion and guitars that spiral and howl."

"Aines has an emotive vocal delivery that..sits somewhere between Iron and Wine, Ray LaMontagne and The Black Keys."