Winner of FOUR National Indigenous Music Awards!

Album of the Year - New Talent of the Year - Cover Art - Video Award

“Like fellow Yolngu artist Gurrumul, Gawurra commands attention regardless of backdrop”Rolling Stone, 4.5 stars

“Gawurra celebrates the natural wonders of his homeland in Gupapuyngu language across his debut album”West Australian

Stanley Gawurra Gaykamangu is a Yolngu performer hailing from Arnhem Land with a deeply resonant voice and musical sensitivity to match. He was born on the Gove Peninsula and spent time as a child on his grandmother’s land of Yathalamara before moving to live on Milingimbi Island with his family.

Gawurra won the NT Song of the Year in the Pop category last year for the demo version of his song ‘Ratja Yaliyali’, which was the lead single on his debut album of the same name, released on 8 April this year through CAAMA Music. A beautiful melody, and a well-known Yolngu Songline, Ratja Yaliyali [pronounced Rart-ja yarl-i yarl-i] translates to Vine of Love; a thread of love that keeps everything connected. When Yolngu people hear it they feel the spirit in their hearts. If they have a problem or feel gloomy, they listen to Ratja Yaliyali as it touches them and builds their spirit making them stronger and brighter.

On 10 June, the day of the debut of his second single, Burala (Diving Duck) his album was #1 on the iTunes world music chart in Australia.

Gawurra is a gentle and genuine young leader. He is due to be an Elder in his community; the Old people gave him this knowledge and power. It is important for him to teach his kids, brothers and sisters the ‘right way’. Gawurra is passionate about keeping his Gupapungu language strong.

Performances this year include Nannup Music Festival (WA), Basin Festival (VIC), Federation Square, the Marngrook Footy Show. Upcoming performances include Walking With Spirits Festival, Garma Festival and will be supporting Peter Garrett at Darwin Festival.

Supported by a nationwide publicity campaign, confirmed media so far includes:

* Reviews in the Rolling Stone, the West Australian and Rhythms magazine
*Interview in Rolling Stone's August issue
*Featured on ABC TV News 24
* Added to ABC Local Radio rotation and Double J
* Performance on Marngrook Footy Show on NITV
* Added to QANTAS & Virgin inflight entertainment
* ABC Radio National 'Awaye' program
* 3KND Radio & 3RRR & PBSFM (Melbourne)
* ABC Radio Melbourne, Darwin, Gold Coast
* Album of the Week on Goolarri Radio [WA]
* Koori Mail newspaper




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'Ratja Yaliyali' by GAWURRA - Official

Gawurra - Guwak (Little Black Bird) Preview


Rolling Stone - "Ratja Yaliyali ('Vine of Love') takes its title and focus from a Yolngu songline of Gawurra's Milingimbi Island country. It's an immersive cycle, highly suggestive of the totemic plants, animals, and natural rhythms it celebrates – see "Guwak (Little Black Bird)", in which Gawurra's repeating vocal refrain recalls the chirrup of the titular bird. All songs are performed in the Gupapuyngu language, with faultless production from Broadwing framing Gawurra's expressive, communicative vocal. "Burala (Diving Duck)" entrances with its throbbing desert rock riff, while the album's electronic tics frequently recall the likes of Múm. Like fellow Yolngu artist Gurrumul, Gawurra commands attention regardless of backdrop"

West Australian “Being considered the next Gurrumul is a label Stanley Gawurra Gaykamangu might just have the talent to bear…entrancing singer-songwriter...Ratja Yaliyali (Vine of Love), a beautiful track blending a well-known Yolngu songline with contemporary production from you NT musician Ben Allen, aka Broadwing. Gawurra celebrates the natural wonders of his homeland in Gupapuyngu language across his debut album. Allen helps elevate Gawurra and his people's stories to a higher plane.”

ABC Melbourne, Clare Bowditch “I‘ve heard your music, it’s glorious”

ABC Darwin, Liz Trevaskis“I reckon he’s a name you will hear more of"