Karin Page






There are many gifted singer songwriters out there but not many have that extra bit that is
needed to connect with the masses - Karin has it all, great songs and legendary live shows
- JOHN ELLIOT Country Update Magazine writer and photographer

Karin Page's approach to her practice as a creative is inspiring due to her commitment and hard-working ethic.
Coupled with her well crafted songs, and natural musical talent, she brings more beauty into the world.
Her go get-em attitude and community spirit, motivates peers and is a much
needed strong voice for young females in the industry
- LISA BUSINOVSKI Mushroom Music Publishing photographer and AnR Licensing assisstant

It's no surprise that Karin Page has caught the attention of music lovers across Australia.
Karin delivers a good dose of charm and grace with her beautiful voice and lyrical finess.
Her dynamic live shows have seen her travel the country picking up awards and accolades at every turn.
Karin has earnt a spot on the nationwide ABC Radio playlist and promises plenty for the future
- SCOTT LAMOND Chief of staff ABC Wide Bay and Saturday Night Country Co-host


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