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Michael Waugh is a songwriter’s songwriter, a compelling live performer and an extraordinary storyteller. Among his admirers are the legendary Eric Bogle, alt. country luminary Shane Nicholson and Josh Cunningham from The Waifs.  


Michael's latest album The Cast , released in August 2021, won a Golden Guitar award for Heritage Song of the Year (Dirty River) and a nomination for Alt Country Album of the Year.


His 2019 album The Weir received two Golden Guitar nominations  - Male Artist of the Year and Alt Country Album of the Year – as well as a nomination at the 2020 Victorian Music Awards.


Michael’s insightful tributes to friends, family and parenthood are simultaneously deeply personal and nationally recognisable; we see our own brothers, parents, pubs, rivers, struggles and joys reflected in the faces of those characters who live large in Michael's songs. 


“When Michael Waugh opens his mouth, you should listen”. 

Andrew McMillen – The Australian

"Over the course of three previous albums Michael Waugh has established himself as one of Australia's finest songwriters. With The Cast he ups the bar even further and then leaps over it. This album is right up there with the Swans 2005 Premiership team in terms of class, ability, character, depth, emotional content and sheer breathtaking displays of talent.  I don't offer higher praise."  Stuart Coupe - author, music commentator and radio presenter

Michael Waugh is the quiet observer of the real Australia. His lyrics and the topics he covers always stop me in my tracks and The Cast is no exception to this. Paired with a little more 80s aussie rock influenced production this time around it just takes you right to the moment without feeling forced. Unassuming and brilliant. Fanny Lumsden 


“Michael Waugh is the guy everyone needs as a friend. A great listener and interpreter of life in song. I see the pictures he sings about while laughing and crying at the same time. A gifted story teller.”  Felicity Urquhart 


"Michael Waugh inhabits the characters and places in his songs with accuracy and sensitivity. Experiencing his new record, made me feel like I’d encountered something that had genuinely made me a better, more empathetic person.” Josh Cunningham – The Waifs


Another fantastic and deeply insightful album from Michael Waugh. So honest, so real you feel as a listener you’ve known him your whole life. It’s amazing how his songs can be so personal and yet so universal.  Nick Wolfe – The Wolfe Brothers


truly believe he is one of the most important artists making albums today. You’d be wise to get amongst it, as he will go down in history as one of Australia’s great storytellers. Bank on itShane Nicholson


I’m a fan ever since hiding in the corner at a gig a couple of years agoBeccy Cole  






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