Recently recorded with CAMAA Music as part of the Alukura (women) Project competition in Alice Springs, Miranda Garling 33 years of age, was born in the Northern Territory and comes from a fascinating mix of cultures.  Miranda is influenced by her other backgrounds of Indonesian, Sri Lankan, English and Maori.

This is made extra special as Miranda was born deaf in her left ear. She says “I was not able to be like a normal child and was put into special classes in primary school, because she was unable to be a part of a mainstream class.  Miranda’s left ear came alive to sound after having a small operation, then a year later, is when her music career began.

Growing up Miranda was never given a guitar or vocal lesson, but shared her unique talents singing around campfires with her family. Miranda grew up listening to country music, and Rnb. Miranda started then singing at the age of 8 and started writing songs at the age of 12.
In 2003 Miranda entered in a talent quest at the Adelaide river show, and had won the scholarship to go to Tamworth. Miranda’s achievement had led her to write more country music and gave her more encouragement to keep going in her music career. In Tamworth Miranda had been mentored by, the Kasey Chambers, Beccy Cole, Troy Cassar Daly and John Williamson.

2006 Miranda had joined a hiphop band called ‘Pottstreet’. In the band, Miranda was the vocal singer. Miranda and Pottstreet, had did a few gigs together. Miranda and ‘Pottstreet’ had made their first Album ‘High North’, which was all original songs, written by each member in the groups.  The band had supported a few international acts, such as Fat man Scoop, Exbit, Ice-Cube and Bone Thugs N Harmony. Miranda had learned a new side to music, which made her more determined to keep going.

2013 Miranda had started to be solo again, and started focusing on her own music. Miranda then got approached by Music NT to be a mentor for the salt water divas workshops. Then Miranda was also asked to be a part of the Desert Divas and Sister sounds being a mentor for Indigenous women.

2014 Miranda was asked to perform for the National Indigenous Music Awards, and to have the Darwin Orchestra as her back up band. Miranda performed one of her songs about her being born deaf in her left ear. The performance was one of Miranda’s high lights ever in her music history.

2015 Miranda is now up to 55 original songs, and is still writing. Miranda has been doing extra work, helping students and mentoring them in the music industry. Miranda also has been doing back up vocalist for her cousin’s band ‘David Spry and the Moral High Ground’. Miranda just recently performed for the Garrmalang Festival and already has a few more gigs along the way.

Miranda’s new style of music is now RNB/RAP/and Country. Her goals are to get her music out there and let the whole world hear her songs.




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