Dying to Dance with the Devil (2016) (Single) Echoes BEMAC Compilation

Dying to Dance with the Devil (2016) (Single) (Universal France - Boris Bergman box set)

Enfants du Chemin (Children of the Road) (2016) (Single) Echoes BEMAC Compilation

Ghosts (2015) (Album) (Planet MGM)

Best Song [World] and four High Commendations in the Queensland Music Awards
airplay on major radio stations including SBS, ABC Radio National, Triple J, RRR, OP Racija (BH Radio 1) (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina), QANTAS,Virgin and more
feature Album with Melbourne’s PBS
5 weeks in 4ZZZ's Top 20
single ‘Enfants du Chemin’ spent 3 weeks in the AMRAP Metro Charts
tracks released on SBS Chill/Universal and BEMAC Echoes (2014) and Echoes (2015) compilations
FOUR STARS in the Courier Mail

Nightwatch (2014) (Single) Echoes BEMAC & QUT Compilation 

Sous La Lune (2014) (Single) (Universal Music) SBS Chill Compilation

Sous La Lune (2012) (Single) 100 Songs Project

Journey Over Skin (2011) (Album) (Planet MGM)

Airplay: ABC Radio National, ABC Classic Fm, SBS, Triple J, Qantas, PBS, 4ZZZ, 4EB and many more.
Album of the Week on Kanaliena Radio (Greece)
Two tracks highly commended in the Queensland Music Awards 2011.

Parliament of the Birds (EP) (2009)



“Ghosts? There are plenty here in a world where the past is ever-present and music knows no borders. FOUR STARS” – The Courier Mail

“Pauline Maudy… has the voice of an angel.” – Sounds Of Oz

“A unique and uniquely diverse band.” – 4ZZZ

“MZAZA have been a real revelation for our SBS Chill audience. They are just Amazing!” - Christophe Mallet, SBS Radio, 2014

"Maudy and band darted across bright, asymmetrical rhythms with persuasive ease" - Jessica Nicholas, The Age, 2013

“Mzaza take the listener on a colourful international tour on their excellent eight-track mini-album Journey Over Skin which features the dexterous playing of Flamenco guitarist Andrew Veivers. […] French-born lead vocalist Pauline Maudy, who sings beautifully in several languages, has a wonderfully dramatic delivery and sounds particularly alluring on Mon Amant De Saint Jean. […] The music is of a uniformly high quality and it is easy to see why the band has achieved airplay on ABC Classic, Radio National, Triple J, SBS and Qantas” - Graham Blackley, Trad and Now, 2013

"If the utterly remarkable level of musicianship on display doesn’t pique your interest, then take a look at astonishing front woman Pauline Maudy, she's entirely captivating and her vocals soar!" - Ben Preece, Mucho Bravado, 2012

“Lead singer Pauline Maudy sings in enough languages to make a UN conference translator’s head spin.” - Josh Donellan, Rave Magazine, 2012

“These are serious musicians, and the blend of elements in their songs generate intricacies to which each of them must rigorously commit. Yet there are no pretensions in their manner, no studied pseudo-mystical facades. Mzaza is a band comprised not only of skilled instrumentalists but of consummate and generous performers, who truly relish a direct and celebratory connection with their audience. Pauline Maudy—a mighty talent, capable of raising the roof in four languages—could easily have assumed a primadonna role at the front of such a group, but such an idea clearly could not be further from her mind.” - Rob Rimmer, Weekend Notes, 2012

“Journey Over Skin is a rollicking ride through a range of musical traditions, rhythms and languages from Spain to the Balkans and Turkey. Held together by their coherent arrangements and energetic playing, Mzaza have crafted a joyous and diverse listening experience.” - Garry Williams, 4ZZZ, 2011

“Passionate, infectious, haunting, Turkish, Bulgarian, Andalusian– words won’t express it.”- Tony Preece, Big Orange Chair, 2011

"Brisbane based Pauline Maudy, an expatriate French singer, heartbreakingly channelled Edith Piaf […] More, please." - Ken Lord, The Sunday Mail, 2008

"Mzaza are one of the day’s most intriguing acts. The locals perform with traditional percussion and wind instruments as well as acoustic guitar and accordion, as singer Pauline Maudy sings multi-lingual ballads that transport the listener to Parisian alleyways one minute, then Eastern European gypsy campfires and dramatic Spanish landscapes the next.”
Matt Thrower, Rave Magazine, 10th of June 2009

“This EP release, Parliament of the Birds, from Mzaza is my case in point. […] Each track displays such a high level of musicianship  […] I was particularly impressed by Pauline's easy vocal style which belies her level of skill and technique and astounded by her capability to sing in such a range of languages. Mzaza's driving rhythms and haunting melodic lines made me yearn for exotic places and adventures.” - Lonnie Martin, The Folk Rag, 2009

“Mzaza have a unique style and incredible passion which echo through the transfixed audience.” - Lisa Lamb, LifeMusicMedia, 25th of April 2009


Tour/Gig Hightlights

Festivals: Woodford Folk Festival, National Folk Festival, Queensland Music Festival, Brisbane Festival, Lorne Festival of Performing Arts, Cygnet Folk Festival, Crossbows Festival, Karavan International Gypsy Music Festival, Q150 Shed Tour, Illawarra Folk Festival, Snowy Mountains of Music Festival

Supports: Yasmin Levy (Israel), Baro Banda (Turkey), DJ Click (France), DVA (Linsey Pollak and Tunji Beier) (AUS), Band of Brothers (Grigoryan and Tawadros brothers) (AUS), Waiting for Guinness (AUS), Katy Steele (Little Birdy) (AUS)


REPRESENTATIVE International Greta Kelly
MANAGEMENT International Pauline Maudy
PUBLICITY Australia Leigh McGrane