Nano Stern’s path as an artist follows richly crafted song lines laid by his family and his Chilean musical ancestry, and unites those with a sound utterly fresh and relevant. Nano has found something within that has positioned him as the voice of a generation.

The grandson of Jewish refugees fleeing persecution, Nano’s childhood was painted vivid by not only his own family’s activism and musicianship but by the powerful legacy of the Nueva Canción movement lead by Chilean musical activists during Pinochet’s dictatorship a generation before.

Legends like Inti-Illimani and Victor Jara- who suffered exile and even death during these troubling times-continue to inspire Nano’s breadth of sound and emotion. “I am extremely respectful of the tradition,” explains Stern, “It is an enormous gift we received from the people of the past.”

When only fifteen, Nano joined popular Chilean underground band, Mattoral, and thus was initiated into the fresh, new sounds and socio-political pulse of the South American rock/punk scene. The thick rock-energy of Mattoral, his classical and jazz training, and the powerful influence of traditional, Chilean revolutionary music make for something purely Nano.

What has emerged is a powerhouse artist, brilliantly layering indigenous, African, and European elements into a sound all his own, and humbly bringing audiences to tears, to their feet, and to reverie with a singular kind of emotion and soulfulness unlike any other South American artist performing today. “I’m generally working to create a language of my own,” he says. The world emphatically agrees.

Folk legend Joan Baez remarked, “[Nano] may be the best young Chilean songwriter of his generation. With his lyrics, melodies, message, delivery, humor and heart, he gets my vote”. Joan invited Nano as the only Latin artist at her 75th Birthday celebrations at the Beacon Theatre in New York. 

Agile across a range of instruments, Nano’s closest companions remain simply his guitar and staggering vocals, and with them come fluent, extraordinary musicianship and a wide-open heart.

Oscillating between the personal and the political, outspoken, passionate, and experimental, it is perhaps Nano himself who captures his musical ethic best when remarking, “In the measure that I’m able to vibrate strongly, other people will resonate. If that frequency is intense, other things around it will vibrate together with it. Music in the end is that. We can put aside words, and genre, and tradition. In the end, it is all about a movement of air that makes our bodies move. It’s the most mysterious thing.”



El camino artístico de Nano Stern se ha forjado a través de canciones que aprendió de su familia y la tradición ancestral de la música chilena las cuales se unen en un sonido totalmente fresco y relevante. Hoy, Nano es referente de una generación.
Una parte de su infancia estuvo marcada por la presencia de sus abuelos, una pareja judía que llegó a Chile perseguidos durante el holocausto, de ellos aprendió rigurosidad y despertó su espíritu activista, el que luego fue alimentado por el poderoso legado de la Nueva Canción Chilena, liderado por nombres como Victor Jara o Inti Illimani, por mencionar algunos de los que fueron exiliados e incluso asesinados durante el oscuro período chileno de la dictadura.
Ellos son una fuente de inspiración para Nano, cuyo trabajo le permitió ampliar sonidos y emociones en torno a sus composiciones. “Soy en extremo respetuoso de las tradiciones”, explica Stern, “es un enorme regalo que recibimos de nuestros antepasados”.
A sus 15 años formó parte de la banda underground, Matorral, incorporándose a los fresos sonidos socio-políticos de la escena rockera y punk de Latinoamérica. La imponente energía rockera de Matorral, sumado a su formación en música docta y jazz, además de la poderosa influencia de la música tradicional, de raíz y revolucionaria convierten a la propuesta de Nano en algo completamente puro y original.
“Generalmente estoy trabajando en crear un lenguaje propio” dice mientras el mundo entero empatiza y asiente, porque su indisctuible sello está siempre presente.
En el 2014 fue elogiado por la leyenda del folk, Joan Baez: “(Nano) puede que sea el mejor cantautor joven de su generación en Chile. Sus letras, melodías, mensajes, su entrega, humor y corazón lo hacen merecedor de mi voto. Se destaca por la habilidad para tocar varios instrumentos, pero sus más fieles compañeras siempre serán su guitarra y su voz en la simpleza que lo caracteriza como persona.
Se pasea entre lo personal, lo político, lo contestatario, lo pasional y lo experimental. Posiblemente sea el mismo Nano quien mejor describre su trabajo musical cuando dice que “a medida que soy capaz de vibrar fuerte, otras personas sentirán esa resonancia, si es intensa, vibrará todo junto a su alrededor. Al final, eso es la música, dejando de lado las palabras, los géneros y las tradiciones, todo se trata de esas vibraciones en el aire que nos hacen mover el cuerpo. Es uno de los más grandes misterios”.


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Nano Stern, Festival de ViƱa del Mar 2015

Nano Stern - Programa Completo - Encuentro en el Estudio - Temporada 7



"Nano Stern is an enlightened man, but not one of the arrogant ones. He knows it, but he shares it. His gift is as much his as it is his audience´s, and it shines on a brilliant history that is still on the rise." - Maria de los Angeles Cerda, Music Journalist, Santiago, Chile

"...there was an effort by the mainstream media to establish a sort of "golden trio" of Chilean music between Stern, Garcia, and Gepe, nothing could be further from the truth. This evening on November 8, focusing solely on the show put on by Nano Stern, crushed any possible comparison." - Orlando Balbao, Music Journalist, Santiago, Chile

"Nano Stern is a huge talent, whether he is playing as a duo at an intimate show, hosting and entertaining the crowd about Chilean wine, or playing the a big stage with his outstanding band you know he is an artist that the audience always want to hear more from... he was a favourite at WOMADelaide and won us all over at WOMAD Charlton Park."  - Paula Henderson, Artist Programmer, WOMAD UK.

"young Nano Stern is a live phenomenon". - Andrew Cronshaw, Music Journalist, London, UK

"An intelligent and mercurial young man, Stern's thing involves non-stop touring across the globe, and a commitment to youth and grassroots musicianship. A humble and affable young man, Stern does not take his success for granted." - Tony Hillier, Music Journalist, Australia

"Nano Stern's sings with all the pains and passion of the Chilean people and their history. His voice reaches to the depth of your soul, while resonating with the humanity in all of us." - Randy Raine-Reusch, Artistic Director, Canada

"Nano Stern is a festival director's dream" - Bill Hauritz, Woodford Festival Founder & Director, Australia

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