With the road his home, poetry his language and music his medicine, Singer/Songwriter and Author Phil Barlow is opening a new chapter in his creativity with the release of Neo Folk / Soul track "In My Heart”.

Revealing his most true and authentic self, "In My Heart" is a song that captures a deep and profound shift in Phil's inner reality. A change that led him to let go of the over-active mind, to trust in life and to give from an open heart. The result is a transcendent and powerful song that leads listeners to a place of peace.

With two previous albums and some 300 shows under his belt as the wild and liberated frontman of "Phil Barlow and The Wolf", this recent change has seen him transition from performing high energy shows on festival stages, to more intimate and captivating performances.

The launch of this new direction late last year was met with open arms, landing on the cover of Blank GC magazine and a 30-date solo tour including NZ and a performance at Bleach Festival for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Weaving between heart and fire, Phil's live solo shows draw on varied musical influences and styles to inspire both vulnerability and strength. Neo - Folk, Soul, Blues, Rock and Roots... Phil's musical depth and creativity is dynamic and it is attracting a strong and loyal grass roots following.

As anticipation builds in the lead up to the imminent release of "In My Heart”, Phil is also in the process of having his first book published, “The Poetry Of Healing: Pain To Peace”. Following 21 days in solitude, Phil came away with deep insights that have changed him as a person, and it would seem, have led him to be a more insightful creator.

There are defining moments in any breakthrough artists career, where there is an alignment in what they are creating and what the hearts of others are longing to feel. There is a growing intrigue in Phil’s new direction, as though he is on the edge of something new, something exciting, something…true.




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Phil Barlow - In My Heart [Official Music Video]

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"In My Heart" was released in August 2018.

The "In My Heart" Official Music Video was released August 2018.