Australian band Rain Factory formed in the northern suburbs of Melbourne in 1990 and played their first formal gig at a local community (City of Whittlesea) ‘battle of the bands’. After winning that competition the band launched into their recording career with the release of their first EP, Home Street Home in 1991. Inspired by their ongoing success and eager to record more material, the band released their debut album, the stylistically diverse and hyperactive sounding Circus in 1993.

The mid 1990’s saw the band undergo personnel changes and continue to develop as solid musicians and performers, refining their lyrics to form powerful songs that appealed to a broad audience. The band’s effort culminated with the release of their pop ambient EP Birdman in 1994 and the brooding, harsh glam-industrial sounding At the End of The Day in 1998. The album spawned their first video for the single ‘20th Century Trash’, receiving modest rotation on RAGE and the band soon decided to take an indefinite break from the independent music scene. 

In 2011, Rain Factory’s original members reunited with a newfound vigour, creativity and passion for their music and commenced recording their 3rd album. The project was placed on hold as life took its toll until 2018 when the band resumed the recording.

In June 2019, after 6 years, Rain Factory has finally released that album. Titled Stimulus Response it once again highlights the band's epic soundscapes and propensity towards experimenting with different styles and arrangements. The band’s music is traditional rock with an alternative leaning that is resplendent with big guitar riffs and melodies. Structured fluently and crafted with patience, their songs are thematic and relevant examining the paradoxical nature of bittersweet love and life. 


Stimulus Response REVIEWS

Stimulus Response is a very enjoyable album. The songs have a very warm spirit; melodies conquer you and slowly touch your heart.The singer’s voice is impeccable, rocky and nice to the ears. You can expect an album that was recorded professionally. It sounds amazing and clean. Each track is art, melodies make an impact inside of you and I feel close to the feeling of being in love. I totally dig this album and I’m sure you will dig it too because it was done with love and it’s impossible not to be moved by that force.
Freak Stalker Magazine, July 2019


A collection of ten original cuts, ‘Stimulus Response’ is sharp as a knife, never missing a beat and constantly bringing the rough-cut sounds of 90’s rock back into the spotlight. A gripping resurgence of timeless rock sounds, the album conjures up a heavy dose of nostalgia that twists and turns, taking the band’s familiar sounds and dragging them kicking and screaming into a new era. Every song on the album is solid and purpose built, from the opening bars of ‘Rebooted’ until the very last note of album closer ‘Ride’, creating a monumental sound that never fails to impress.

Melodies hit and switch, the vocals cut through the heavier rock moments with grit and clarity, puncturing each polished song with an element of DIY soul, and as the drums push forward and the bass lets fly, you can practically feel that newfound passion and energy bleeding through your speakers. For a band to come back after so many years without skipping a beat is impressive, to bring back that chemistry and just be able to perform, but to do it all and release what is potentially one of their best albums, that’s something else entirely.

‘Stimulus Response’ is a work of art in its own right, shining with a modern energy and 90’s spirit that transports you back to the golden age of rock. Sticking with the experimental leanings of the past and fusing it with sweeping contemporary arrangements, it’s a perfect case of old dogs learning new tricks and doing them well. 8.5/10
Broken 8 Records, July 2019






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