Whatever you think you know about punk rock, chuck it out the window and grin as you watch it smash to smithereens; Scalphunter are all about obliterating expectations and clichés. With a blistering live show and a unique ability to steal the hearts of fans of all musical persuasions, 2018 saw them nominated for the sixth consecutive year for the WAM Award for Best Punk/Hardcore Act including winning back to back in 2015/2016. The first time this has happened since the heydays of Gyroscope in the mid ‘00s, it’s confirmed thier status as WA’s most beloved punk act. 2018 also marked the release of 'LIES' thier debut album out via Arrest Records Australia & Firestarter Music.

The band’s legion of new admirers grows every show, their sets highlight celebrations of music at key events like Adventure World's Fright Nights, Bigsound, RTRFM’s In The Pines, HyperFest, WAMFest, Day In The Dust, Blood Rock Fest, Beaufort Street Festival, A Not So Silent Night, The Bakery’s last ever New Years Eve show and the National Live Music Awards party. The band came to the attention of many when they defied all odds by winning The Big Splash, the forceful foursome turning their first act slot into a seething circle pit of new friends.
Sharing a lust for hard, fast, ear shattering rock’n’roll, Scalphunter’s WAMi wins have also been beefed up with nominations for Rock Act Of The Year, plus their controversial YouTube-banned There Will Be Change also being up for the Most Popular Music Video award. They set history as the first punk rock band in RTRFM's The View From Here video series, and had a number of their tracks released coming up trumps in best of year lists and polls, including Short.Fast.Loud and Wall Of Sound. Best Of Me hit the #1 spot on the triple j Unearthed Punk Chart, and a strong of belting singles the last two years have received high praise and community airplay across Australia.

A cyclone of high intensity punk and thrash influenced rock’n’roll, it’s their unique approach to sharing music that really makes them stand out. X-Press Magazine’s Editor Bob Gordon sums this up perfectly: “Led by the impressive stage presence of Steven Knoth, Scalphunter’s sound will tear your head off, but the band themselves would be the first to offer you a hand to help you off the floor.”
In other words, there’s a whole lotta love goin’ on at every single Scalphunter show, the band connecting to audiences in ways unable to be conveyed in a bio. Yep, it’s pretty much impossible not to grin stupidly as the band tears any show apart, including as supports for The Misfits, The Dwarves, The Exploited, The Datsuns, High On Fire, Municipal Waste, The Subhumans, Totally Unicorn, Gay Paris, The Grenadiers, Clowns, Wolfpack, King Parrot, The Mark Of Cain, Dead City Ruins, Firearms, Black Cobra, Jucifer, Super Best Friends, Ganbaru and more, as well as numerous east coast tours, including a number of sold-out shows and packing out the likes of classics east coast venues Crowbar, Cherry Bar, Public Bar and The Tote.

Scalphunter have taken their recordings to the next level, with the release of LIES. Recorded at Electric City Studios with the award-winning Adam Round (POND, Voyager, The Floors, Timothy Nelson and The Infidels, The Growl and Tame Impala), as premiered on Tone Deaf, The Music and receiving airplay on triple j and beyond. A Lie They Call The Truth was given selection status by Spotify on the Rock Out and Best of 2017: Rock Out playlist, with the album racking up over 30,000 streams since its release. Recent release Men With Square Eyes was premiered by Blunt, and hit triple j Unearthed’s Top 5 overall charts. Expect this drive to continue into 2018 / 2019 with tours and more releases planned.




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SCALPHUNTER - Men With Square Eyes

RTRFM The View From Here: Scalphunter

SCALPHUNTER - There Will Be Change (Official) HD 2014


"The appearance of the indomitable Scalphunter changed the whole tack of the night, with just about everyone’s blood running a little faster thanks to the band’s no-fucks-given immediacy and obvious love for getting a crowd up and dancing." - The Music

“Ear splitting… face melting… mind blowing… amazing.” FasterLouder

"An unstoppable force of old school punk-inflected roaring rock and roll." – X-Press Magazine

"Perth’s Scalphunter bring together a melodic punk sensibility with hardcore power. That heaviness completely obliterates all the softcock namby-pamby qualities of melodic punk and leaves only sweet choons that will set fire to your head." - 4ZZZ

"It sounds like strange praise, but you would actually have to be kind of crazy to have Scalphunter in a support slot at this stage of the game, simply because they are one of the best live bands currently doing the rounds." - X-Press Magazine