The 11 piece inter-faith Orchestra is made up of artists fromWestern Sydney, representing diverse cultural and faith backgrounds, creating 'new' Australian Sacred music. Their premiere performance opened the Sydney Sacred Music Festival in 2014, to a sold out audience.
Their new work, the ‘Three Sides of Love and Death’ explores the universal themes of unconditional love and rites of passage created through the stories and sacred music practices of culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse artists. The songs performed by the ensemble capture each member’s perspective on love and death, and the in-between (the third side).

Taking audiences on a transformative journey this is one of the most unique music experiences to come out of Sydney.The power of this ensemble is the unique combination of cultures, faiths and traditions represented on stage (possibly showcased for the first time in the world); the virtuoso musicianship, innovative compositions and its ability to uplift audiences. This ensemble and its music is a manifestation of contemporary Australian culture, an inclusive and unique representation of multicultural Australia.

With music performed in diverse languages and ancient traditions to contemporary sacred pop fusions, this ensemble showcases an array of diverse talent. It includes traditions from Aboriginal Australia, Mongolia, East Turkistan,Vietnam, China, Mexico (and more), this is a sacred Symphony for everybody!

‘There is a sense of something greater than a group of musicians on a stage playing different instruments, this is a new Sacred Symphony for Australia, touched by a genuine respect for each other’s difference and artistry, that overflows into the atmosphere of the room,’says Music and Artistic Director Richard Petkovic from the Cultural Arts Collective.

This orchestra is the affirmation of the power of collaboration and respect for diversity.

The artists featured in the ensemble include some of Sydney’s World Music legends - ShohratTursun from East Turkistan, a seventh generation musician who is a world-renowned vocalist/dutar player and Uyghur bard who has travelled the world performing hidden treasures of his culture. Mexican music legend Victor Valdes presents upbeat sacred baroque harp and vocals, the talented story telling of singer/songwriters Blue Mary sharing tales of the power of the feminine, loss and betrayal. A string section led by Horse fiddle maestro and Mongolian throat singer Bukhu Ganburged; Ghanaian rhythms, and the breath of a harmonium.

There is definitely something new and refreshing for everyone, a Symphony for all Australians, not to be missed.
The Orchestra are currently recording their debut CD with their single 'River' out in early 2017.




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Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra - River

Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra - Doco


A musical work created by the Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra
Directed by Richard Petkovic

Program highlights:

Marrngammathirri (to Love) – ‘Manikay’ words of love from the Yolngu people in Arnhem land by Gambirra Illume

Sunrise – Vocals from another dimension in both song and Mongolian throat singing styles, embellished by the Horse Fiddle. Written by Bukhu Gamburged

I Am – Inspired by the power of the feminine, and interviews with women in western Sydney about the qualities of their mentors, this song is joyous reminder of the positive attributes of the human spirit. Written by Blue Mary (Maria Mitar and Richard Petkovic).

Doslurumni Aman Kil Allah (God Help My Community) REMIX

A traditional Uyghur (East Turkistan) Sufi song adapted reinterpreted and remixed with a Spanish call and response -  featuring Shohrat Tursun

Hosanna En El Cielo (Glory of God) a Latin American inspired musical celebration of the higher powers featuring Victor Valdes

Epitaphic – A solo guitar composition symbolising a musical inscription on a spiritual tombstone, in memory of the lost ancient cultures of the world. Written by Ngoc-Tuan Hoang

A cross cultural contemporary/sacred pop song of self reflection that features a hypnotizing ancient Dervish rhythm with a contemporary melody. It is explores perception and seeing your life expanding, after the experience of shame/disgrace.  How do we listen to our internal rhythms rather than external rhythms? Written by Blue Mary (Maria Mitar and Richard Petkovic).

Instrumental introduction inspired by the breath, and a song about the journey of grief and the paths we must cross. Written by Blue Mary (Richard Petkovic and Maria Mitar).