Darwin born Thaylia is an electronic folk singer-songwriter-producer based in Sydney. Thaylia a recent a mentor for Levels Electronic Masterclasses (2019) with MusicNSW and All Girl Electronic (2018) - an initiative of ICE & MusicNSW), released her last single 'Waiting' in 2018. The release was added to Spotify curated playlists and recieved air time on FBi, 4ZZZ and other radio stations around Australia.

She is now ready to release her second single Home from her long awaited self-produced EP 'Into My Soul' (coming Nov 2019) which details her journey over the last 5 years in discovering, uncovering and digging up all the hidden parts of her soul that she had spent a lifetime attempting to bury and forget.

'Home' is a fusion of folk style lyric songwriting with big souring future bass synth influenced chorus. The song is sequel to ‘Waiting’ the first single off her debut EP which was about Love being offered as gift and written from the perspective of a Great Being who wants to share Love with us.

Home shares in a very metaphorical way what it was like for Thaylia when she first started to allow herself to desire this Love and consider this Gift of Love and open up to feeling emotions again rather than pretend that everything was ok.

It’s also about a longing and a desire to have a soul that feels again whether painful or pleasurable and then finally having the courage to ask to receive the Gift of Love from this Great Being.

After spending the majority of her life suppressing and avoiding painful emotions and pretending to be happy through substance abuse and various destructive behaviours, Thaylia bares her soul in this six track EP by sharing her real feelings, new lessons and knowledge she has learned about life, real love, and feeling and processing through emotional trauma. 

Thaylia’s desire is to demonstrate through these songs that being real and honest about how we feel inside and getting out of denial about our true emotional condition, and removing our facade is the first step to healing.

Thaylia hopes that these songs will inspire you to do the same, to take the journey down into your soul and begin to feel all that is within you that you might be pretending isn’t there.

'Home' will be available on all platforms on the 11 Oct 2019 | Into My Soul will be available on all platforms Nov 2019!


To find out more about Thaylia’s achievements read below:

Thaylia is of Greek/Aboriginal heritage and her childhood years was spent in the red dusty plains of a small outback town called Kununurra in the far north Kimberley's of Western Australia. She then moved to Perth when she was 12. Growing up she never had any music lessons and it wasn't until the age of 23 when she discovered her passion of music and picked up an instrument for the very first time. After floundering for a decade due to her struggle with addiction, she reignited this passion in 2012 when she took a chance and quit her high paying corporate job and sold her house to pursue her career in music full time.

This was the first single 'Waiting' off her long awaited self-produced EP 'Into My Soul' (coming Nov 2019), in which she questions, if there was such a 'Great Being' that existed that was only loving, what would it be like to be loved by them? What would they want to say to us? And what would their feelings be towards us? This single is about Love being offered as a gift that gently knocks at our door 'Waiting' to enter our lives and help us flourish in our life, passions and desires.

The song received some extra special moulding by the hands of Paul Mac, one of Australia's pioneer's in electronic music and is an electronic fusion delight starting out soft and soulful to big and fun future bass synth layers!

To celebrate the release Thaylia performed at alongside other talented performers on the 28 September 2018 at Parramatta Pop-Up Friday Night Lights hosted by City of Parramatta and Sydney Fringe Festival.

Her previous three track release ‘The Beginning of the End’ was released in Nov 2016 and launched at the Oxford Art Factory. The release garnered the attention of music bloggers at Purple Sneakers where she was featured as their Spotlight Artist (Jan 2017) and was played on radio stations around Australia including fbi, 4ZZZ, Triple R, BayFM, RTRFM, ABC Radio and many more.

‘The Beginning of the End is an honest and genre-diverse EP; it’s an experimental blend of influences exploring issues very obviously near and dear to Thaylia. It often sounds ethereal, however the mixture of acoustic instruments over heavy production keeps it grounded.’ Purple Sneakers.

Thaylia also performed for Klub Koori at Carriageworks featuring Casey Donovan and an all female indigenous line up (July 2017). She also performed at Klub Koori Mardi Gras After Party (March 2017) and she has performed at venues such as Oxford Art Factory, Bar Cleveland, Lazybones and Projects 107 Redfern.

She has also kept busy over the year by completing a lifelong dream and completing a Bachelor of Music with a major in Composition & Music Production at the Australian Institute of Music. She also participated in music workshops in Bryon Bay (run by APRA), Sydney Conservatorium of Music and MusicNSW ‘Women in Electronic Music’ Master classes and has been mentored by the likes of electronic music pioneers such as Paul Mac, Eric Chapus (Endorphin) and new artist Rainbow Chan.

Thaylia also caught the eye of award winning 2011 composer of the Playschool theme Sean Peter with her light hearted and fun loving remix of Playschool (2016) as part of a competition on Triple J Unearthed. The remix was played and reviewed on Triple J Unearthed. Her debut single Hope (Nov 13) reached Number 1 on the AMRAP (Australian Music Radio Air Play) Air It Now Charts and maintained number 1 for 3 weeks in 2014.

Other notable songwriting achievements include single releases Wanna Know (Sept 2016) and Need 4 Greed (Apr 2016) which was part of the Alukura Compilation album, an initiative of CAAMA Music where eight Aboriginal female singer-songwriters from around Australia were selected out of hundreds of applicants as part of a competition and flown to record at CAAMA Music studios in April 2015.

Thaylia has performed at various festivals such as Melbourne's iconic Lonsdale Greek Festival (2016) where she proudly showed off her Greek/Aboriginal heritage singing for the first time in Pontian Greek language whilst being accompanied by the lyra and didgeridoo. She has also performed at some of Australia’s finest venues including Sydney Opera House for Homeground Festival (2014), Sydney Conservatorium of Music for Our Music Festival (2014), backing vocals for Archie Roach for his 2013 Into the Bloodstream Tour in Perth and Melbourne, Happy Yess for Launch @ Youth Week Festival (2014) in Darwin and One Movement Festival (2009). She was also the winner of an APRA sponsored music intern position with Sydney Festival in 2013.

She is currently working as a music teacher, delivers music workshops and presentations at schools. She is also studying a Diploma of Film and TV and working towards establishing her own film and music production business Beyond Summerland Entertainment and Soulset Studios.

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‘I Can’t Fly is a perfect example of how she has truly strayed from the path of simple music making and is willing to create something unique - a curious track, an acoustic guitar coupled with clear and honest lyrics provides a folksy earnestness. But, as it progresses, massive house synths slowly come in, resulting in quite a large hard-hitting track. It’s a mixbag of influences, it’s complex, and it is absolutely Thaylia.’ Purple Sneakers





Thaylia - A Day on the Block Festival (Performance)

Thaylia (Promo Video)

Thaylia - Wanna Know (Official Video)

Feel's Like Home (Hope) - Thaylia Twist (Official Video)

Into My Soul EP will be available on all platforms Nov 2019!


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