Opening with its spine-tingling first single Pirate Boy, The Milkmen's sophomore album, Behind Closed Eyelids, is an intense and rewarding listening experience. Driven by the gritty vocal style of Conor Mcloughlin, the band taps a vein of dirty acoustic rock, striking gold with masterfully layered songs that delve deep into the heavier realities of life.

Raw and honest, the lyrics at the heart of Behind Closed Eyelids match the intensity with which they are sung. Each instrument in the arrangement plays its part to perfection – adding the necessary shading that makes up the album's tone. Together, both band and singer bring the powerful narratives of Behind Closed Eyelids to life – delivering wave after wave of uplifting music, even during the album's bleakest moments. To properly capture this energy on tape, the band enlisted legendary Perth producer Rob Grant to sonically sculpt Behind Closed Eyelids.

The results speak for themselves... Behind Closed Eyelids sounds incredible. The detail and texture of every song is present and vivid, allowing them to ebb and flow with grace. From the darkest to the lightest moments on the album, the band sound glorious. The slow-burning State Of Mind comes bearing cheery melodies amidst the perfectly gloomy Sold My Soul and the soaring gospel harmonies of I Can Still Hear The Birds. History Repeating Itself and Davy Jones bring heartache, while For The Rest Of My Dayz, Lots Of Love and To Fight For You bring joy. The album feels more and more like a journey the longer it plays. By the end, it is like having watched an amazing movie you can't wait to see again.

Formed and based in Perth, The Milkmen have divided their time between Australia and the UK. Debuting in 2009 with their Always Deliver EP, the band were the product of mateship and a mutual love of music. By the time of their first album, 2010's The Man With The Plan, The Milkmen had confidently defined their own sound, incorporating great ideas from a huge spectrum of genres and honing them into an explosive concoction that takes the gentleness of acoustic music and delivers it with the force of stadium rock.

Now armed with the greatest work of their career, The Milkmen have every cause to get out and take their music to the world. Beginning on their own doorstep, the band launched Behind Closed Eyelids at the Ravenswood Hotel on April 14, kicking off a 12 month cycle of touring. Having experienced both the intimacy of small clubs and the electrifying rush of performing festivals to thousands of people, The Milkmen are poised to take everything in their stride and embrace each new opportunity. With this tenacity – not to mention a setlist of blistering new tunes – the potential for this unique band is literally endless.


'Behind Closed Eyelids' album out NOW via all good digital platforms!


“On first listen I found myself likening them to Audioslave and Pearl Jam. It’s definitely lo-fi rock-n-roll.The band had a grungy, alternative rock sound which is “quite emotive.” - RTRFM presenter Jackson Lavell


LIVE Review from themusic Magazine

The Milkmen, leaping on stage with a unique collection of acoustic guitars, saw fit to highlight PULMAC’s creative approach. Lead vocalist Conor McLoughlin’s haunting gravely vocals pulled everyone up onto the dance floor. The group’s fearsome folk-rock vibe, distinguishing it from similar ensembles around Perth, drew whoops and cheers from almost every onlooker. McLoughlin’s distinctive British accent added gravitas to a searing rendition of ballad 'Make You Happy'. Switching from folk-rock to country for Reality Check, the group’s talent and range became unquestionable. Catchy, authentic renditions of 'Go Solo' and 'Like A Drug' lovingly illuminated the group’s distinctive, world-spanning sound.

- Thomas Munday, themusic magazine




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The Milkmen - State of Mind (Official Video)

The Milkmen -' Pirate Boy' (Official Music Video)

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