The Thin White Ukes






“The Ukes deliver Bowie with a darkness and delicacy that gives you goosebumps”

— Angie Hart


“Masterful ukulele playing … the song selection is inspired… the Ukes move me”

— Ashley Naylor, RocKwiz Orkestra


“The best version of ‘Ashes To Ashes’ you ever heard”

— Robert Forster


“I was singing along like a lovesick teenager”

— Kate Ceberano


"Dignity and scope for the ukulele. The Thin White Ukes set a new standard of what to expect from this humble instrument"

— Steve Kilbey


“So right. So good. So wish I'd thought of that first”

— Clare Bowditch                                                       


“We love the Thin White Ukes!”

— Courtney Barnett & Jen Cloher


"Bloody fantastic!!!!!"

— Chris Cheney, the Living End


"Reverent but underscored by a cheeky sense of humour"

— The Music


"Fun, nicely sung, carefully arranged, slightly tongue-in-cheek versions of classic songs"

— The AU Review


"Perfect harmonies and a fantastic experience ... they bravely go where even Major Tom probably hasn't been"

— the Clitterati Club


"You’ve never heard Bowie quite like this."

— Time Out Melbourne


"Passion, daring and the occasional splash of glitter"

— Echonet Daily


"Small strings, big harmonies and stunning attention to detail"

— Byron News


"The Ukes' reinvention of the Bowie catalogue is sublime"

— Time Off Media Brisbane


"Is it possible to reduce such complex songs to four little strings and still get maximum Bowie impact? Yes, you can"

— Byron Shire Echo


"Out of this world… unique interpretations of some timeless songs"

— The Music, Adelaide


"Were our hearts breaking because of the lyrics, Bowie's passing or the melancholy of the strings? The Thin White Ukes excel at atmosphere"

— MEGAscene, Adelaide.


"Sensational. Tight. Harmonies. Ukemanship. and Bowie reimagined with flair, incredible subtlety and verve.”

— Music Collective North Coast Network


"Standout of the 2018 Adelaide Fringe"

— The Music, Adelaide


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