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“After I tired of 8 months a year in a hotel, I started putting my money into the place (Bopnique). Now people come from London, Miami, L.A., N.YC., Portugal, etc to record here!” 

Published in Skope Magazine, by Dan Bernal ‘05 Feature – Producer Anthony J. Resta

"Anthony who is half our mixing team, often adds and replaces tracks even while mixing!  I like to be surprised if we are in London and he's on the east coast. Occasionally we have fixes but for the most part he's dead on. It ends up being more homemade and much more modern and we can get any result we want"

Warren Cuccurullo  (Frank Zappa, Missing Persons, Duran Duran)

Ed Roland credits much of albums progressive mood and freewheeling sonic approach to producer Anthony J. Resta ( AJR worked with Collective Soul from Dosage to Afterwords during a ten year tenure) "Anthony brought an unbelievable spirit and attitude"  Ed continues, "He has more gadgets than we do so well had a good time just plugging stuff in and seeing what sounds would work".

Ed Roland lead singer / principle songwriter for Collective Soul

When the Philosopher Henri Bergson won the Nobel Prize for his notion of "élan vital" - the life force driving all things - I believe he had Ajax (Anthony J. Resta) in mind. Ajax's instinctive scrutiny of the instant - not the protools millisecond - but the atom of time, the infinities in there - he finds "life," then he places this "life" where it attracts more life, the result: The soul of the song becomes elevated to the dignity of pure joy. Even ballads crackle with what can only be called perfection. This is why he is Platinum, again and again. His method (indescribable) cannot be taught or coached.  It's ontological, manifested in his love of the life which you bring to ribbon microphone.  I will use "timeless" to describe what he did for me, but that's understatement. When they dig us up in 2000 years, Bopnique recordings just might be regarded as the best of our time.

Ajax is respected now. I'm thrilled to say I worked with him before he was legend. He may be at the height of his powers, but I have no criterion for reference. I simply have not met, (and at present don't believe) there is anyone else as good him at music production. 

Randall W. Vera; Ph.D candidate, Boston College (MA 98) Songwriter.

Anthony J. Resta is an exception to the rule in the music business.  He is an artist's artist.  A true collaborator and coach.  A muse for meaning and individual voice.  Rather than always going after the obvious "hits-based" artists and hitching his wagon to the money-train, Anthony meets the "everyman" artist on the same footing as his well-documented work with pop stars.  Anthony met me when I made my very first album, long ago, not because he thought I was going to be a pop star (far from it!) but because my song, "American Night" touched his heart.  It was not until many years and six albums later that I started working with Anthony as a producer-- it was not until then that I was really ready to find my voice.  I had already made some money through master use licensing, so I could have continued to make my own records "successfully."  But I was not hearing the "sound in my head"  doing it myself.  Many amateur and semi-pro artists (and even pros) never think to look for their own voice because they think it's not important or because they're getting by using influences-- and that's OK for some.  For me, I knew I wanted to hear "what was in my head" and Anthony&Karyadi made that an aural reality at Studio Bopnique.  I was hesitant at first because Studio Bopnique is not the $50/hr studio I was used to, and things took longer.  But I had a personal artistic mission- and I was experienced enough to know that cheap is not always good-- and I also knew I could not do what I wanted to do by myself or with my bandmates-- I'd tried already.  I needed a producer-- and I needed experience.  I got so much more.  I now write differently.  I sing differently.  I think about my music differently, and I think about the creative process differently.  I am now an individual artist because Anthony proved to me that my "voice" was legitimate-- by bringing it out in me and creating the sound around my own individuality-- the sound that was in my head.   This is what's so beautiful about Studio Bopnique- now the "everyman" artist has access to what pop stars get-- and maybe because of this, some of us will become pop stars-- but at Studio Bopnique we all get to realize our artistic vision, which is ultimately why (or should be why) we're doing this.  I'm just completing my second full length with Anthony- and I did a "self-made" record in between- and I'm growing even more as an artist this time as I did on my first project.  At this stage in my career, this kind of growth is unbelievable-- it's exciting, invigorating and fulfilling-- and this transformation translates live at gigs- the audience reaction is 10 times what it used to be-- at least.  Thank you Anthony and Karyadi for making it possible for me to become my own artist-- me! 

John Cate ( published songwriter and client for 10+ years)


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