Infusing playfulness and wonder into the Australian pop music industry, Gold Coast artist ELSKA has redefined the humble harp - marrying the delicate instrument with the power of a loop pedal. Oozing charm with a new brand of breezy soulful pop, ELSKA creates melodic harp-infused pop music designed for daydreaming, road tripping and romance. Penning heart-fuelled tales of love, betrayal and finding 'the one', ELSKA loops captivating melodies with rhythmic harp beats - infusing her soulful vocal into a meander of moments we can all relate to in life and love. It's easy to get swept up in ELSKA's mesmerizing brand of pop, where timelessness is romanticized with technology.

A three-time finalist in the upcoming 2019 Gold Coast Music Awards [Breakout Artist of the Year; Song of the Year for her debut single 'BOY'; People's Choice Award], ELSKA has just wrapped up headlining at the 2019 National Folk Festival in Canberra. She has also clocked up performances at Adelaide Fringe Festival; Surfers Paradise LIVE; Australian Music Week; Caloundra Music Festival; BLEACH* Festival; XXI Commonwealth Games; and the Airlie Beach Festival of Music.

Launching herself upon the world is not something ELSKA has taken a backseat to. In the past 18 months, ELSKA has recorded in the UK with prominent British producer Dan Swift [Passenger, Snow Patrol]; wrote, produced and released her short music documentary, 'Heart + Harp'; crafted a unique Library Tour (yep music in libraries!), and was even invited to speak at an official TEDx talk - all before releasing her debut single 'BOY'. Recorded at Brighton Electric Studios UK, 'BOY' is a spritely pop number about the joys of finding love in an unconventional and unexpected way; and served as a delightful lead in to the release of ELSKA's second sassy single, 'Goin' Down' (released February 8th.)

 In 2018, ELSKA was selected as a RADF ‘Activate Music’ grant recipient, with the grant funding the creation of ELSKA’s short music doco ‘Heart + Harp’. The documentary takes an intimate look into the story of ELSKA, and was officially selected and screened at both the 2019 Gold Coast Film Festival and the 2018 Australian Music Week Film Festival.

ELSKA has also gone on to launch her own interview-style podcast called, 'Her Creative Hustle' . Celebrating the honest stories of creative artistic women hustling hard in the pursuit of their own creative 9-to-5, ELSKA recorded in front of a live audience at the 2019 National Folk Festival Canberra - interviewing world-renowned folk artist Irish Mythen, and cosmic-country songstress Freya Josephine Hollick.

A true surprise package, ELSKA lures you in with her creative use of live harp and vocal looping entwined within her playful brand of pop. Her engaging live performance sparks wonder and intrigue, and redefines the boundaries of her once-classical instrument. ELSKA is changing the way we perceive the harp and is proving that anything is possible in the world of pop music. Boundless. Fascinating. Honest. Feel-good. ELSKA is for the curious romantics.


“ELSKA brings something new and exciting to the Gold Coast music scene - catchy pop tunes, percussive beats 
and the rarely seen but magnificently performed harp. She’s the best kind of surprise package." - BLEACH* Festival

"ELSKA is an absolute powerhouse of a performer. She dazzled the crowd with her dulcet tones and extraordinary
creative use of the harp. Can’t wait to see her again."
- Saurabh Das, (Executive Director of Six8 music)




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