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How many pages do i get with my account? and what is a 'campaign' Page?

For $49 per year you get four seperate pages (1 main page & 3 campaign pages).

Your Main page is what you'd use for your general artist promo page.
The address example will be:

You Campaign pages are bonus pages that are automatically generated when you sign up, they becomes a page you can use for your campaigns / releases, like the release of a new single or a new album or a tour. It's more like a live Press Release with all your assets in one simple location for media to see & use.
The address example will be:

Industry loves Both pages, super convenient, quick and easy to use.

How do i change my URL?

Login to your account, and the field to change your URL is on the first page you come to, under the URL title.

Simply type in your desired URL into the EDIT URL field and click save.

All your page URLs are editable at anytime, as long as the URL has not been taken by another user.

What is One Page Link and why should i use it?

One Page Link is a simple and effective EPK builder. An EPK is an Electronic Promo (or press) Kit.
You use your One Page Link to pitch your act for opportunity, or to send your approved promotional assets to events & festivals. All done with one simple link, professionally presented with your own imagery.

Do i need any design or web skills to use one page link?

Absolutely not! The whole purpose of One Page Link is to make creating your promo page / EPK, simple and easy for anyone. Once you sign up for your free trial, you'll see how easy and quick it is to have an effective promo page in minutes, ready to start pitching for opportunity or supply your promo assets with one simple link.

How Do I Create My Page?

Once you sign up, the process is very basic and should only take you around 10mins to have a great feeling page if you have access to your promotional assets. You will be presented with a simple editor where you are prompted to upload your promo assets. Before you start, its a good idea to have access to these promo elements:

Your Bio
Your Promo Pics
Your Social Links
Your Music, like Soundcloud or Spotify or Apple Music etc
You Youtube Videos
Your Contact Information

If you don't have all these things, its ok, you just present what you do have.

How does the free trial work?

Every Account you start gives your 30days free to trial it. No credit card is required, before your trial comes to an end you will receive a notice on how to pay if you want to keep your account active.

Payments / Cancel

How do I cancel my account?

If you pay with Paypal:
You can cancel your One Page Link account at anytime by going to your Account Section and cancelling your subscription.

You can also do it through your paypal account by cancelling ongoing Payments to One Page Link.

Login to Paypal:
- Go to Settings Icon
- Click Payments.
- Under "Preapproved payments", click Manage preapproved payments.
- Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click Cancel.
- Click Cancel Profile to confirm your request.

Paypal Instructions can also be found HERE

If you pay with Credit Card:
you can also simply cancel your direct debit with One Page Link with your card provider.

How do I pay for my account?

We use the world trusted braintree payment portal. This means you can pay with your Paypal account or your Credit Card. Simple. In your One Page Link account settings you will see PAYMENTS, this is where you can handle your Payment Settings. One Page Link cost $49 per year, you get 10 days notice before any charge will be made.

Please ensure you save the following two addresses in your address book to ensure they stay out of spam catchers:

Imagery Questions

How to re-size an image for your Banner

We’ll be adding our own image resizing functions soon.. until then here’s a simple solution if you do not have a designer available.

note - we have no affiliation with this service.


Import your image
Keep the ’Stretchy’ Tab Selected.

Ensure the padlock icon is ‘locked’, this will maintain proportions of your image.

Set your Width to 1040 and press enter.

You will see the dimensions adjust.

If a height over 520 was not reached, then increase the height the 520 and press enter.


your image is now ready.
right click and save it, then upload it to your banner section!

How to reduce the file size of your photos

Your photo’s won’t uploaded because they’re too big?

We’ll be adding our own image resizing functions soon.. until then here’s a simple solution if you do not have a designer available.

Max upload size for each photo on One Page Link is 15mb, which is actually very high. Standard file size for a Press Shot is approx 3-6mb, this is plenty for a high res photo at 300dpi for standard print applications. Good for quality, good for ease of use for all involved.

Your pics can technically be up to 15mb on OPL, but some photographers supply artists & teams with large files over 15mb, in which case you need to compress your imagery. 

Simple solution if you do not have a designer available. Please head to this website and compress your images.

note - we have no affiliation with this service.

We found the default settings to work well, you can also adjust these settings if you’re unhappy with the compression.

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